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A Most Thoroughly Pernicious Pamphlet
  • A brief and art-filled player's handbook for my Pernicious Albion Setting. You can buy it in hard copy or pdf form here.
  • A brief description of the book here
  • A review by the broad minded, generous spirited, and exceedingly perspicacious Trey here
  • A review by Patrick Stuart of False Machine here .
  • A brief write up by Jack Shear of Tales of the Grotesque and Dungeonesque here
  • The Pamphlet used as a coloring book by Ramon III here 
  • All of my blog posts on Pernicious Albion here 
  • An old school summoner class that uses retainer and morale rules as a class mechanic here 
    • Read the post here 
    • Get the pdf here 
  • A horrid colonial diesel fantasy not-Florida using a mutilated version of World of Dungeons 
    • Read the post here 
    • Get the pdf here 
  • A Dark Souls-ish hack of World of Dungeons 

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