Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Upon the Ancient Shores of Albion an Evil Makes Its Way

 A Most Thoroughly Pernicious Pamphlet is now on sale. You can get it here
What is A Most Pernicious Pamphlet?
It is an A5, 17 page staple-bound booklet on my old school rpg campaign setting, Pernicious Albion. It’s all insane angel conspiracies, occult aristocracy, revenant Romans, tennis with vampires, evil couture, Ars Goetia, royal spawning pits, realpolitik, light homoeroticism, and lakes of human teeth, but for now, you get the pamphlet, which contains
  • two ruleset-agnostic classes: the vampire and the warlock
  • modifications to the cleric and the magic-user
  • three supernatual patrons with tables for motivations, goals, and methods
  • equipment, services, weapons, and armor tables designed for new characters in eerie fairy tale settings
  • Esoteric languages
Why should I buy it?
I'd like to think it is filled with good ideas you can include in your game, but also 
  • You like what you've read on my blog.
  • I tried hard to make it an entertaining read.
  • It features monstrously beautiful art by the likes of Logan Knight, Matthew Adams, Alex Chalk, and the Anxious Princess.
  • I wrote this with an aim to compress setting description and character creation into a single process: the classes, starting equipment, and languages all convey Albion to players without the need for a lot of exposition. This might be a good template for you if you want to do the same.


  1. I would like to ask, have you tested the warlock class? I wonder how much time and effort must a warlock character spend on sidequest almost everytime they need a spell from their patrons.
    Maybe the earned bonus to the reaction roll should last for more than a single time.

    1. I have a table that gives a suggested outcome for each tier of the reaction roll table, and patrons only every demand missions on a roll of two-- 1/36 of the time. Players can always volunteer as a bargaining chip, as well. I usually have patron errands be local tasks, with longer ones reserved for when the patron is very angry or when the warlock is asking for something really big.

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  3. Miguel, I play tested the Warlock in Mateo's game and I think that the value and peculiarity of Mateo's Warlock is that It Is a somewhat complicated PC to manage. The most interesting aspect being that a Warlock's Signatory becomes just as subjective a force as the PC themselves. Meaning, I think that rigid statted increases might detract from the unique relationship that develops between GM and Player simply based on its current design.

    The stats are just fine, from experience, in terms of survival capability. It's just that magic becomes a gamble. But it's a gamble where the debt actually makes the gameplay outcome far more dynamic. Always something to consider, never a dull moment.

  4. Replies
    1. You can get it here:

      If you click on the "Get My Stuff" link at the top of this page, it has a link to the Gumroad store, as well as a couple free pdfs I've put together.

    2. I can't get anything to work at the link above. When I click on the pamphlet image, an overlay with the image of the pamphlet comes up, and that is it. No shopping cart, nowhere to buy it!

    3. I'm going to be moving it to another storefront soon. Too many people have been having problems with gumroad. Too many people are having problems with it.