Tuesday, August 23, 2016

good, actually

So Pathfinder gets a lot of crap for being enormously complicated, but many of its spells--particularly the obscure ones--are quite good.

Swarm Skin

Climbing Beanstalk

Whip of Spiders

Curse of Burning Sleep

Boiling Blood

Blazing Rainbow

Fairy Ring Retreat

Discern Next of Kin

Anonymous Interaction

Mirror Hideaway and Mirror Transport

Adhesive Blood 

Cape of Wasps

Leashed Shackles

Summon Froghemoth

Strangling Hair

Silk to Steel

Sands of Time

Youthful Appearance

Waves of Ecstasy

Dance of a Hundred Cuts

Marionette Possession

Reckless Infatuation

Burning Gaze

Threefold Aspect


  1. To be fair, it can't not have good obscure spells after publishing over a thousand of them.

  2. Sometimes I wish for a game where all common spells are removed and only spells as such above (weird and/or not entirely practical) would remain.