Friday, December 11, 2015

Miami Pseudomonarchia Character Creation

The mayor's nephew has been hanging around the wrong kind of the wrong kind of people, and now he's missing. A mayor's aide has discreetly approached you and your associates with his last known whereabouts, a list of friends, and the promise of a sizable reward if you can find him without kicking up a fuss.

All rolls are just a 1d10+Relevant Attribute+Relevant Skill vs a target number. All PCs have a reason to stick together, even in the face of a danger.

1. Revelation
All player characters know the truth about the way the world works. Write down how your character found out, though you don't have to tell anyone.

2. Attributes
Roll 1d6-3 for each. Arrange to taste.

3. Hit Points

4. Background
Examples: Snake Handler, Veterinarian, Veteran, College Student, Burglar, Accountant, Cashier, Refugee, Santero
Any time you can convincingly say "I should be able to do this better because I'm a [your class], you get a +2 to the roll, on top of attributes and skills.

5. Skills
Examples: Lockpicking, Athletics, Marksmanship, Andalusi Romance, Theology, Computers, Driving, Beauty, Lying
Pick 5 skills. Their values are +5, +4, +3, +2, and +1.There isn't a list of skill, so you can make them up. Skills can help you recall information about supernatural things, but they don't let you do anything a normal human couldn't. Miami Pseudomonarchia is not necessarily combat intensive and you don't have to pick combat skills, but if you want to be a fighting type, this is the place to make it happen.

6. Talents

Examples: Gematria, Monstrous Strength, Tarot Reading, Pyromancy, Demonology, Exorcism, Lycanthropy, Ouija
Talents function as skills, but they let you perform supernatural acts. All magic is Tampering In What Man Ought Not, and comes with certain risks. Every time you use a talent, you acquire an additional Catastrophe die. Each time you use that talent, you roll your Catastrophe dice with it. They do not modify the situation in any way, unless any of then result in a 1, in which case you fail at the supernatural act you were attempting in a spectacular and interesting way (the demon gets loose, the fireball explodes early, etc). You can clear all of your Catastrophe dice by resting in a place of safety (a good meal, a night's sleep, whatever).

You have 4 points to distribute across you talents. You can have two talents with a +2 bonus, or one talent with  a +4 bonus. Catastrophe dice accrue per talent, so having several, weaker talents can be safer.

You can forgo having any talents to add +1 to all of your skills.

7. Gear
You have d10×$100 worth of stuff. Use Google to price it out. Don't get put on a list.


  1. I appreciate this system broadly and the catastrophe dice specifically. Filching that.

  2. Hmm, something for the New Year, I think . . .

  3. I've played with freeform skills enough time to know that five are too much, believe me. Players tend to overthink them and cover all flanks possible. I learned that is best to go with just two. Less skills help define the character, and also everybody knows two things that they want their character to do.

    Just an opinion. Are (almost) all characters supposed to have magical abilities in that setting? Maybe they gain them once they go through the revelation? Overall looks pretty nice.

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