Monday, August 24, 2015


This was a bit of a challenge since all the photos has to be creative commons. Not sure how well it turned out, but it was an experiment.

Fortean Horror and Occult Investigation in South Florida

Something is wrong with Miami, something is wrong with you, you have become unstuck from the world and nothing is right. Your friends forget your face, strangers know your name, the graffiti addresses you as a friend and voices call for you from static and dial tone. 

There are old women in chintz dresses, they crawl about on all fours and follow you through the streets. Nobody else notices them and you don't know what happens when they catch you.

There's been a man walking in circles around your block for the last month. He ignores you when you try to stop him, but blood is welling out of his shoes and he is as thin as a famine victim.

There's an angel trapped inside the walls of the office down the street from your apartment, or at least it tells you when you walk past. A lot of people have been jumping off the roof of that building lately.

You notice children have been paying the ice cream man in teeth, and what he's been giving him sure doesn't look like popsicles.

A man has been murdered in the alley behind your apartment every night for the last week. The exact same man, at the exact same time, and the police never answer when you call.

When they tried to raze the old theater, it bled like a living thing.

All children who live on a single block have begun speaking ancient Greek, to the exclusion of all other languages. Their dialect and accents are eccentric even for scholars, but they seem to be trying to warn you of something.

A local genetics researcher is in a bit of trouble. They thought they were developing extra-wooly sheep, but now the lambs speak, and do so with the voice of multitudes

Whenever you try to use a phone, the God In The Wires talks to you. It has very peculiar and very specific demands.

You know the name of one of the orishas. Your parents taught you to say their name just right.

You saw what they did in the church basement every Sunday night, and the memory still follows you, deep black and indistinct.

Last year you woke up with a hangover and a tattoo of stylized eye on the back of your hand. Its pupil is the most remarkable shade of blue; it hardly looks like skin.

You had to get vaccinations for international travel recently, and the nurse gave you an extra injection before you realized it wasn't supposed to happen. You remember the needle dripping something oily and black.

You only have the faintest memories of your mother. They don't quite make sense, and whenever you think about her too hard, you get a bad nosebleed.

You tried to kill yourself at one point. You woke up in the hospital, but you distinctly remember it working.

  • Dromedary Camel by Dallas Krentzel
  • The Gentleman's Ritual II by Gabriele Negri
  • The Surfer by Bill Dickinson
  • Efeito Borboleta by Jaaiiro Souza
  • Miami Beach by Ricymar Photography
  • 03.22.ManHunt.WP.SBM.5mar05 by Elvert Barnes
  • miami by Kevin walsh
  • Albino Alligator by Matthew Paulsen
  • e pluribus unum by sherber 711
  • Palacio de Vizcaya by Jorge Elias
  • Miami Herald Demolition by Phillip Pessar
  • City of Miami with Miami beach in background by Kent Wien

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