Sunday, August 30, 2015

Lamentation Overdrive

Lamentation Overdrive: mech fighting game in LotFP's Worst Timeline historical fantasy setting. As in
  • Lamentation Overdrive: Borgia's Banquet
  • Lamentation Overdrive: The Beast of Gévaudan
  • Lamentation Overdrive: War of the Roses
  • Lamentation Overdrive: Rise of the Anti-pope
  • Lamentation Overdrive: Tudor Returns
  • Lamentation Overdrive: The Revenge of John Dee
  • Lamentation Overdrive: Meat Festival

from bayonetta
Angelus Drive
Stolen tabernacle, inscribed with inverted Enochian and adapted as an angel-prison. Requires heavy occultum shielding or else leaked hieric radiation slowly transforms all nearby objects and creatures into perfect golden spheres
from final fantasy
Bazeries Battery
A puissant unanswered question, locked away behind an impossible cipher; allows a mech to run on ultra-efficient epistemological potential energy, but if anyone cracks the code or answers the question, the mech immediately shuts off.

Epistemological Array
Allows the mech to teleport, but only to the precise spot your opponent least expects. Frequently lands inexperienced pilots in the center of the sun.
from bayonetta
Nephilim Frame
Skeleton of an antediluvian giant, bleached with holy water and wired together with adamant. It's almost indestructible, but not quite as dead as one would hope.

The Wicker Man
Pagan-built mech chassis. It's fireproof, and in fact eternally burning, but the only fuel it takes is humans. 
from bayonetta

Lobotomized greenman; staggering healing ability allows implanted weapons to be incorporated just as easily as with a constructed chassis, but requires a huge amount of opium to maintain cooperation.

Aegis Ray
Medusa head mounted inside an optical device with rotating lenses; one magnifies, increasing area of effect but reducing range and petrification speed; the other focuses, creating a needle-thin, long-range beam of ultra telluric energy.

from bayonetta
Bomb of Gilead
A thrice-blessed and thrice-burned vessel of aromatic wood; can be activated once per day to temporarily disable all non-divine magic in a short radius around the mech.  

Paracelsian Contract
Legal documents penned in human blood allowing a mech pilot to call on elementals for service. The number of times they can be used depends on the clarity and quality of the contract's writing, as well as how much the pilot is willing to pay.
  • Sylph are immaterial and non-violent, but they can be used for reconnaissance purposes. They require decadent confectionary and elaborate meals as their price--baby giraffe pâté, 1,000 perfectly fried hummingbird tongues, the broiled brain of an albino jaguar.
  • Salamanders are hot enough to burn anything, and will swarm over and through an enemy mech at the signatory's request. They require horrific acts of arson in return for their service.
  • Undine allow the mech pilot to travel safely underwater. They require wealth to be dropped into the deepest parts of the ocean, though they occasionally demand mass drownings
  • Gnomes refuse to partake in this insanity.