Friday, April 24, 2015

Equipment List

There are a million million ways to distinguish weapons that deal the same amount of damage, especially in OD&D-likes, where just about everything deals d6. I like that simplicity, though, so I'm favoring weapon differentiation to be social--if you bring a barbarian's axe to a noble wedding, people are going to look at you funny, and if you're wearing a diamond-studded dragoon helm in the bad part of New Londinium, everyone's going to think they can eat you for breakfast.

Albion Specials
  • Goat, sacrificial; £30: If sacrificed and offered to a nearby supernatural creature, the petitioner can retry their reaction roll
  • Mummia, £10: allows the consumer to make a saving throw to overcome a single curse or disease.
  • Carbide Lamp, £10
  • Carbide canister, £5
  • Quietus, £150: the victim must make two saves; if they fail the first, they become infatuated with the first person they see. If they fail the second, they die instantly and painlessly.
  • Tintype camera,  £150
  • Tintype sheets (6), £10
Albion is filled with knowledge. Most of it is wrong. Grimoires are books filled with riddles, aphorisms, parables, inscrutable diagrams, obscene marginalia, and a smattering of actual information. A character with such a book has an x-in-6 chance of being able to determine the correct answer to a question pertaining to the grimoire's subject. Each grimoire has a different chance-in-6, but it never exceeds 4. Characters with 15 or greater Intelligence have a +1 bonus to grimoire checks. The Referee makes grimoire rolls in secret, and on a failure, the research attempt yields deceiving, incomplete, or nonsensical results. Grimoires with broad subjects like Angelology or Botany can be easily purchased (£100 for a 1-in-6 grimoire, with an additional £20 for every additional +1-in-6 chance). More specific texts, such as biographies of greater fairies or monographs on particular dragons, can cost many hundreds or thousands of pounds sterling.

Light armor 
-1[+1] AC, costs £15
  • Girdle (fairy)
  • Goetic scrawls* (noble)
  • Woad* (Britonnic)
  • leather cuirass (vagabond)
  • Greatcoat (New Londoner)
*require the wearer to be mostly naked. Can be permanently tattooed for £150.

Medium Armor
-2[+2], costs £30
  • Filigree Armor (fairy)
  • Bone china cuirass (noble)
  • Enamel breastplate (New Londoner)
  • Hides (Britonnic)
  • Roman lamellar (vagabond)
Heavy Armor
-3[+3], costs £50
  • Gilt half-plate (fairy)
  • Ivory half-plate (noble)
  • Carapace half-plate (New Londoner)
  • Coin armor (Britonnic)
  • Lorica plumata (vagabond)
Supplemental Armor
-1[+1], costs £20
  • Shield (fairy)
  • Mask (noble)
  • Helm (New Londoner)
  • Torc (Britonnic)
Light Weapons
d6-1 damage, easily concealed or disguised, costs £5
  • Misericorde(fairy)
  • Press-on claws (noble)
  • Brass knuckles (New Londoner)
  • Athame (Britonnic)
  • Pugio (vagabond) 
Medium Weapons
d6 damage, one handed, costs £10
  • Thistle club (fairy)
  • Rapier (noble)
  • Pistol (ranged) noble
  • Saber (New Londoner)
  • Gladius (vagabond)
Large Weapons
d6+1 damage, two handed, costs £10
  • Sewing needle (fairy)
  • Longbow (ranged) (fairy)
  • Rifle (ranged) (New Londoner)
  • Axe (Britonnic)

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