Monday, March 2, 2015

Albion Jobs and Hangout Session 2

I lost the notes and posts where I kept track of everything, so I'm eyeballin' it and will do a better job this time.

Session 1: 150 XP, £100 each for the ornamental Roman armor
Session 2: 600 XP, £200 for the various goods you stole, and £1500 to be divided among you for bringing the courtier back. You also have the Engine of Avode and a barge called The Pike. You just got back to Queen's Crossing. 

You owe Madam Eugenia £50 for rent, and she's posted the following jobs:

From the Royal Society
A team of scholars has disappeared on an expedition to Osric's Tor. £1,500 for returning them alive; £750 for returning their remains. We will also pay for any antiquities safely recovered from the site. Speak Professor Lately at the Queen's College for the particulars. 

From Magus Banister
Some prole saw a carbuncle scuttle into the abandoned grotto at old Stockade Hill. Get me its Carbuncular Matrix before those simpering pretenders from the Zoological Society do. 

Scavenger's Weir is a town that consists of a network of islands connected by a series of weirs and bridges. The party was hired by the Postmaster of Queen's Crossing to find some missing couriers.
  1. The people of Scavenger's Weir were weird and pushy. Mr. and Mrs. Clasp, the town's mayoral couple, REALLY INSISTED that they have the party for tea. Tilda the Summoner slipped away to visit an ex-nun the Clasps had badmouthed, and who had tried to get them a message.
  2. Mrs. Clasp tried to force the rest of the gang to eat her food. They got into a fight with her, and she proved to be a lot tougher than her delicate exterior would suggest, especially after said exterior cracked away beneath their weapons, revealing something approximately like the following. Her attacks make the party slow and sluggish.
  3.  Tilda the Summoner comes back with Sister Joanna, nun of the Queen Mother. She then summons a salamander, which burns down the house. Mrs. Clasp runs out with the party, reassuming her disguise. Nobody bothers to rescue the explains that she's a demon, looking for a device stolen from her, which she had tracked here. She hadn't been able to spirit the device out of town, because the Scavengers were abusing it to rob people and guarded it jealously. 
  4. Tilda's salamander breaks from her control, and the party subdues it.
  5. Joanna, seeing Mrs. Clasp as a demon, fights her. They both end up in the water. The ruckus from the burning house attracts the attention of the townspeople, who lock the party up in a warehouse. 
  6. They escape with their cell-mate (one of the missing couriers), managing to acquire the key and kill both of their guards. Tilda summons the salamander, which again breaks from her control and sets the warehouse on fire.
  7. Hearing the Scavengers coming, they flee through a hidden trapdoor the courier points out to them, leading to the interior of the island.
  8. They fight their way past some Scavengers. Jessica the Vampire the blood one while he was dying. As they walk down the passage, he reanimates and attacks them, but is killed.
  9. The remaining townspeople, having heard the ruckus (guns are loud!), holed themselves up in the final room. They're open fire when the party opens the door, so they throw all their loose gunpowder and shot into the room and send Tilda's salamander after it. The explosion kills all of them, as well as the fighter Bartholomew III (I think?). 
  10. The party finds a large, conch-like device, filled with gears and with an X on it. Goldenloin the warlock calls on Penemue to translate the inscription on it, which reads "ENGINE OF AVODE/THAT DEMON OF LANGUOR"
  11. Through experimentation, they find that the X is a Roman numeral, and that it will put people to sleep if they feed it 10 HP worth of blood. People that have given into temptation associated with Avode (presumably the real name of Mrs. Clasp) are particularly susceptible. 
  12. They use the Engine of Avode on the townspeople who were waiting in the ruins of the warehouse, and took a scavenged barge back to Queen's Crossing.
  1. I'm going to do initiative by phase. Initiative determines who goes first within a phase.. I'm terrible with initiative and fitting monster actions logically within a round, so hopefully the extra structure will help. Brendan's Final Castle playtest made me like the phase system.
    1. Ranged attacks
    2. Melee attacks
    3. Magic. If you want to cast a spell and you've taken damage that round, make a save or roll on a calamity table.
  2. The Engine of Avode is pretty powerful, but it will attract a lot of unpleasant attention. Haven't tried something like that before (they sure never saw Avode die, did they?), but we'll see how it goes. Politicking and navigating various factions is an important part of Albion, so having magic items be the center of a power struggle fits.

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