Saturday, December 27, 2014

Intelligent NPCs in the Land of Unreason

There's actually a table of these on pages 154-155. Leaving this up as a testament to my stupidity. 

The wilderness encounter table in A Red and Pleasant Land involves meeting intelligent NPCs, so if you want the process of determining which to be random, you can use this table. I didn't include the Red Brides because it seemed like they hang out in their Castle all day (and also including them would mean you would have to produce a d33 instead of a d30)

d30 Intelligent NPCs in Voivodja
  1. Cheshire Cat
  2. Colorless Bishop
  3. Colorless Knight
  4. Colorless Pawn
  5. Colorless Queen
  6. Colorless Rook
  7. Duchess (Heart Court)
  8. Footman (Heart Court
  9. Footman (Colorless Court)
  10. The Hatter (Pale Court)
  11. Heart Queen
  12. King of Hearts
  13. Knave of Hearts
  14. The March Hair (Pale Court0
  15. Order of Clubs (Heart)
  16. Order of Diamonds (Heart)
  17. Order of Hearts (Heart)
  18. Order of Spades (Heart)
  19.  Pale Bishops
  20. Pale King
  21. Pale Knights
  22. Pale Pawns
  23. Pale Rooks
  24. Rabbit
  25. Red Bishop
  26. Red King
  27. Red Pawns
  28. Red Rooks
  29. Sleeper (Pale)
  30. Sphinx

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