Friday, December 26, 2014

Albion Encounter Tables

Albion's wilderness encounter tables use 3d6. I like the distribution on this--the tail ends of the bell curve have scary/useful NPCs, while the middle bits have more common monsters and criminals.

Another trick I'm interested in trying is having monster/NPC behavior tied to the number you encounter. For example, if the Referee determines that the party encounters d6 goblins, a roll of 2 or less means that you meet 2 goblins fleeing from something else on the encounter table, while a roll of 5 or more means they are hauling a little extra treasure after a victory. This lets you vary encounters more without relying in longer tables or lots of extra dice rolling.

3d6 In the windy moors of Albion...

  • 3: The Morrígan (ancient Britonnic war-witch, majordomo of the House of Death, potential warlock signatory)
  • 4: Merchant with 2d6 bodyguards; if there are 9+, they plan on robbing their employer
  • 5: Noble with 2d6 bodyguards; if there are 9+, they are transporting a prisoner
  • 6: d6+3 knights; if there are 7+, they have sworn fealty to the lord of the nearest domain; on a 6-, they are on a mission from a distant domain
  • 7: d6+3 Watcher Cultists
  • 8: Shepherd (armed with a gun) with d6+1 Albion hounds and 3d6 sheep
  • 9: Malkin (enormous, evil cats)
  • 10: 2d6 bandits; if there are 10+, they are hauling £2d100 in trade goods
  • 11: 2d6 wolves; if there are 10+, they are attacking another creature on this table
  • 12: 2d6 Britons; if there are 7+, they are being pursued by constables
  • 13: Spakehound
  • 14: d6 Wights
  • 15: 2d6 Vampires, level equals 13-No. Appearing. Masquerading as (1-Nobles 2-Magician and servants 3-Bandits 4-Knights)
  • 16. 2d6 Werewolves, level equals 13-No. Appearing. Masquerading as (1-Bandits 2-Britons 3-Merchant and bodyguards 4-Hunters)
  • 17. Magician and d6 bodyguards. If there are 4+, the magician intends to use them in a ritual
  • 18. Lady of Joy-forgotten (sybaritic fairy-noble recently banished from her domain by a rival aristocrat)


  1. today, i 've read the entirety of your Pernicious Albion posts and i think its the greatest setting i've ever seen in ages. Would play it in the drop of a hat. You should publish it someday. Until then, i'll be monitoring this blog.

    1. Thank you! I should be releasing something later this year. I also am starting up a video chat Albion game on Google+, so feel free to add me if you are interested.

  2. I'd love to listen in on one of your games you should consider recording!