Sunday, December 14, 2014

A Perfidious Primer

Queen's Crossing is a mercantile town perched atop the greatest bridge spanning Albion's River Dour. It teems with social climbing merchants (much to the revulsion of House Herpetu, Queen's Crossing's resident Old Money and the object of an endless parade of nouveau riche marriage proposals) and an equal number of cultists, who traffic with the wayward Spawn of Agorath that dream on the riverbed below.

You each have a room at the Hateford Home, a boarding house of middling reputation and adequate sanitation located in one of the rougher neighborhoods of Queen's Crossing. It is run by Madam Eugenia, a truculent widow locally famous for the diameter of her forearms and talent with a hatchet. She often rents rooms to freelancers, vagabonds, and soldiers-of-fortune, and so hopeful clients often leave job postings, which as of yesterday are as follows:

From High House Herpetou
A sum of £1,500 for any who apprehend the despicable person or persons responsible for circulating threats against  that most majestic and virtuous of fairies, the Lord of No-pity, who has graced our Lady Herpetu with a visit. Contact Dame Balustrade at Castle Herpetu for details.
His Grace, the Lord of No-pity
From the Royal Society
A team of scholars has disappeared on an expedition to Osric's Tor. £1,500 for returning them alive; £750 for returning their remains. We will also pay for any antiquities safely recovered from the site. Speak Professor Lately at the Queen's College for the particulars.

Osric's Tor
by Martin Bodman
From the Postmaster
Three of our couriers have failed to return from the village of Scavenger's Weir. While it is admittedly a wretched little town, the sentimental bleating of those with relatives there has begun to wear on me, and these disappearances are interfering with my office's function. £1,500 for resolving the situation.

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