Tuesday, September 2, 2014

let's make a deal II

Decided Pernicious Albion warlocks can't summon patrons. It was confusing, and it would make more sense to represent it as a spell. Also changed how reaction rolls work:

  • 2: the warlock must perform a major favor or the spirit will cast the spell in a destructive manner
  • 2-5: the warlock must perform a minor favor or the spirit will cast the spell in a destructive manner
  • 6-9: the warlock must perform a minor favor or the spirit will do nothing
  • 10-11: the warlock must argue or grovel for a few rounds before the spirit will cast the spell
  • 12: the spirit casts the spell right away.

"Destructive manner" being destructive for the warlock an their allies (Fireball centered on caster, Invisibility on the strongest enemy, and so on. It also makes major favors rarer, which is good because having a lot of them can be overwhelming (the old table had 1 in 4 spells requiring a major favor to cast, which is a bit much). The new table also makes it harder to say no to favors, since the consequence is usually chaos instead of nothing.

Mad Angel PENEMVE, Warlock patron

PENEMVE is a twice-exiled angel, first cast out from Heaven with the Grigori, then abandoned by its fellows when it went mad with grief. PENEMVE opposes both its former comrades and the forces of Hell, and aims to defeat them with a mysterious Project, which generally involves unorthodox methods. 

PENEMVE is a spirit of knowledge and secrets. It knows when someone is burdened by a deep secret, and when they act to cover a secret up, but it cannot perceive the secrets themselves. PENEMVE requires writing to communicate; when it wishes to speak with someone (including its warlock), it alters nearby text and arranges it to cross paths with them. A warlock of PENEMVE starts with the ability to cast Comprehend Languages, and can learn spells of discernment and divination, such as Augury, Divination,  and True Seeing.

Major favors for PENEMVE
PENEMVE is maybe insane and cannot interact with the world only by altering existing bodies of text, so the idea it to be unclear if these favors are simply random acts of madness, part of an elaborate Rube Goldberg scheme to save/end the world, or the product of PENEMVE's original message be garbled by its method of communication. 

  1. letter: My dearest Joanna, This summer has been most troublesome, for there is an agent of the Cause set to be executed in [nearest village] in 2d20 days. See to it that they escape. Give the children my love. Your sister, Charlotte.
  2. broadside: DR BRUNEL’S WONDROUS SERUM! DO YOU SUFFER FROM FATIGUE, MELANCHOLY, OR CONJUGAL TROUBLES? THEN find this doctor, drown him in a barrel of brandy, and burn down his workshop. He lives in [the mercantile quarter of the nearest large city]. Proceed with caution. He has sold his soul to Hell FOR THE REASONABLE PRICE OF £100!
  3. shopping list: 1 lb carrots, 1 lb beef, a white dove, 1 lb chalcedony, 10 ft of golden wire, a silvered sword, a virgin, 100 pairs of scissors, jam.
  4. book: ...the mating ritual of the polychromatic bumblebee clearly indicates the need for you to infiltrate the home of [a wealthy family in the nearest large city] and find the black sculpture they have recently acquired. I want you to paint it bright red without being discovered, thus demonstrating the advantages of such bright pigmentation…
  5. letter: Jessica, You are all I can think of, you are my day and my night, you are to find for me the book called The Enochian Heresies. There is a copy in [the nearest, largest, most dangerous library]. Once you have it, feed it to a goat, and if don’t see you soon, I think I shall die. Your love, Eugene
  6. newspaper: NUDE BUTCHER STRIKES AGAIN! Local farmer John Hector experienced a rude awakening last week when the morning sun revealed several demons have been investigating my activities. They tread in your footsteps and will catch you in (d6) hours. Prepare yourself. The Constabulary has provided a thorough sketch of the fugitive.
  7. novel: ...bosom heaving, Loretta tore at her bosom. “No!” she cried out, her shapely arms clutching at Heinrich’s chest, “I won’t leave you! I need you to capture the man known as Julia Lascelle in [farthest village in area]. She has knows the location of an angelic device, and I must acquire it before my siblings do.
  8. grafitti: FUK THE QUEEN FUK THE CITY SHIT ON the vandals responsible for this message are powerful, wise, and beautiful. Find them and convince them to offer their services to me. I am willing to remunerate them for their troubles DICKS DICKS DICKS
  9. a textbook: amo, amas, amat, a child in [the nearest village] has lost his family, and the villagers will do nothing to help him. Retrieve him and bring him to [the orphanage in the nearest large city] amabo amabis amabit...
  10. a cow with the following painted on its side: Go to [the nearest village] and cut off the head of the statue standing in its central square. It is an Infernal device and will lead the yeoman to nothing but perdition.

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