Sunday, August 3, 2014

Warlock 2.0

a class for Lamentations of the Flame Princess

HP, Saves, and Experience as Cleric

All warlocks possess a magical contract that contains the seals and signatures of every spirit with which she has formed a pact. A warlock can call upon such spirits for knowledge or power, while the spirits can demand favors in turn. Each spirit possesses a sphere of influence, such as Knowledge or Curses, over which it reigns supreme, and beyond which it is powerless.

A warlock has a contract with a single spirit. She may add any number of spirits to her contract, but must first find them and make them signatories, usually in return for a Greater Favor

A warlock can invoke any of her signatory spirits as often as she wishes. When she does so, she can either ask a question pertaining to the signatory’s domain or draw on its power to cast a spell. A warlock may cast any spell on a spirit’s spell list, as long as its spell level does not exceed half her character level, rounded up. In any case, whenever a warlock invokes a spirit, the Referee rolls 2d6 on the Spirit’s Vagary  table to determine the signatory’s reaction to her demand. If the roll results in a Lesser or Greater Favor, the Referee rolls 1d20 on the corresponding table to determine the spirit’s price. As a rule, spirits are uncharitable beings; when a warlock invokes a signatory, she takes a -1 penalty to its Spirit’s Vagary roll for each outstanding favor. If a signatory realizes its warlock cannot or will not complete a favor, it will extract its price forcibly and immediately, as determined by the Referee.
There will be more, and they will come with tables for manifestations and favors, but I need to hammer these out for my in-person group today.

Malamaut, Demon of Love and Spite
his is the grin of the fox in a henhouse
Sphere: Lust and Loathing
An incubus who has grown disinterested in the business of perdition. Though he possesses not even the smallest shred of virtue, Malamaut has developed a stunted and entirely non-Platonic affection for humanity over the long millennia of his existence, and can be persuaded to serve a warlock for a sufficiently enticing price. He is a connoisseur of indecency and a gourmand of sin and desires pleasures of the flesh above all else.

Old Queen Mab, Fairy of Malediction
she was old when the heath lay deep beneath the sea
 As the sometime Queen of Faerie, Mab above all else desires revenge against the King of Roses Red, who deposed her, and the supposed allies who let him. When she speaks with her vassals, she seizes control of a nearby animal or weak-willed human and speaks through theire mouth.


  1. Cool stuff!
    As I read it only manifested spirits can cast spells? Is that correct?

    1. That wasn't my intention. Which part made you think that? I'd like to know so I can rewrite it.

    2. Maybe because the only mention of spirits casting spells is when they're manifested... I'm wasn't really sure. I was looking for something that mentioned non-manifested spirits casting spells but didn't see anything. Maybe I was hung up on the precise implications/meaning of 'summon spirits into the physical world'.

  2. This is sweet. I feel like I could use your fluff very easily with a RuneQuest 6 Animist for the mechanics, for my Celtic-flavoured campaign I'm starting up. Do you know the system? It fits this description to a T.

    1. Yes! I've been tempted to run a BRPG game for a while, but they tend to be a bit crunchy for my taste. Animist was one of the things I really liked, though

  3. If you haven't already looked at it, I really recommend RQ6. it's beautifully streamlined and you can download a right version of the rules, RuneQuest Essentials, for free from the Design Mechanism website. But that only has Folk Magic and Theism in it I think. Still, just looking through your post here, I was mapping the Warlock directly onto the Animism rules, which is particularly cool because it's more along the lines of how I want to run that system than the tribal Shaman which is faintly suggested by the way the system is written. Although they do mention it would work as a demonologist or such as well. By the way, I love your Faery realms as well... I'm currently running RQ Monster Island Pirates (with an Animist in the style of the Voodoo Pirate Priests of Tim Powers's On Stranger Tides), but my next campaign is the Celtic themed one, and your stuff will drop into that beautifully! Thanks for the outstanding content!