Monday, January 27, 2014

Squamous and Noisome

I CAN ONLY TAKE SO MANY SQUAMOUS BLOBS, CARCOSA. MAN CANNOT LIVE ON OOZE ALONE. Also, those rituals are pretty ick. Here's replacements. I also like having fairly simple rituals because it means players can summon something on accident.


She stands taller than any man, and wears ruined finery. Her hair is black and her eyes are black and her teeth are black and she stands on a black barge, her ivory servants plying oars through depthless waters that were not there until she arrived.

HD: 15
AC: 14 (see description)
Movement: 90” (boat only; she cannot leave it)
Damage: d12 (touch, Save vs Paralyze or be knocked prone)
Alignment: Chaotic

The touch of the Scion crushes limbs and ruptures flesh as if they were exposed to the immense pressure of deep seas. The voice of the Scion is undeniable; she can cast the Cleric spell Command at will. Her barge can comfortably hold 4 additional people, but they are in reach of the Scion as well as her servants. It is not advisable to fall into the Scion's waters; even her followers fear them.

TO SUMMON: At sunrise, pour 20 HP worth of blood (not all necessarily from the same source) into a body of water that extends past the horizon. Wait past sunset, and she will arrive.

TO BIND: If The Scion of Sunless Seas is ever separated from her barge, she must obey a single command of any length and complexity from the person who returns it to her.

TO BANISH: If a silver nail inscribed with the Fifth Name of Providence is driven into the prow of her barge, the Scion will glide away, unable to return until summoned by a willing mortal.


He's still dressed in the finery they buried him in, and still wears the chains they tried to use to keep him in the ground. Nobody knows why Lord Nelson keeps on coming back, or why he's so damn crazy, but everybody hopes he'll just go away.

HD: 20
AC: 16
Movement: 180”
Damage: 2d6 (bite, heals amount equal to damage); 2d6 (cannon); +5 damage to French
Alignment: Chaotic

Lord Nelson is a vampire. He can move past obstacles and enemies by turning into a swarm of bats. He can cast Animate Dead and Animate Dead Monsters at will, but only on creatures he has killed himself. He can Charm anyone who makes eye contact with him. Lord Nelson is also completely insane. He is just as willing to command his undead servants and Charmed victims to reenact old victories in the middle of heated battle as he is to use them to depopulate entire towns. In a fight, he switches victims seemingly at random, singing bar songs all the while. Lord Nelson refers to his victims with aristocratic versions of their names, even if he has no way of knowing them.

TO SUMMON: Burn an entire ship of the line* down to ash OR burn a piece of the HMS Victory in a marble bowl, and Lord Nelson will come scrambling as fast as he can.

TO BIND: Lord Nelson must obey any legitimately issued royal order or decree read aloud in his presence, even if it was not written with him in mind. He has thus far avoided bondage by murdering anyone he sees with paper.

TO BANISH: Smoke from any gunpowder recovered from the HMS Victory forces Lord Nelson to flee until the next sunrise. It also makes him very angry.

*Is this right, Richard G?