Monday, August 8, 2016

upon the ancient shores of albion...

A Most Thoroughly Pernicious Pamphlet has received an Honorable Mention in the distinguished 2016 Ramanan Sivaranjan Awards for Excellence in Gaming, an honor I will treasure until my dying day, and one I will clutch in my bony fist long after.

I've decided to lower the price of the Pamphlet to $2, so if you've been holding out in hopes of a lower price, your day has come. You can get it here. If Gumroad gives you any trouble, which has been known to happen, let me know in the comments of this post or over on Google+ and I'll get you a copy.


  1. Do you think you'll offer printed pamphlets again? I'm sad I missed out on those.

    1. I am working on another print edition. I will probably expand it a little before releasing it for print again (clean up the layout, include the Gardens of Lambence as an adventure location)

  2. I paid full price dammit! I still haven't gotten around to using it, but its style has worked its way into my game I think.