Sunday, January 10, 2016

call you up

Spirits that a level 1 summoner can choose from. 
Ursa Minor
from etrian odyssey
A lesser bear deity who lost all of her worshipers to a single landslide. She is polite, lugubrious, and faintly maternal. While in her youth Ursa was a goddess of war and wild, she has become domesticated over the last few centuries, preferring the slow pleasures of novels and teatime to the rush of the hunt. Nevertheless, she is always keeping an eye out for potential worshipers, who would put her on a path to becoming the ferocious Ursa Major once again. 
  • Stats as a 3 HD black bear
  • If fed three rations, she can Enlarge herself as a 3rd level magic-user.
  • A talented cook and a passable patissier

The Darker The Hour
by Patrick Feller, released under Creative Commons
A wayward young demon taking the form of a small, black cat. Its relative youth and the fact that it has been separated from its siblings has left it afraid and impressionable, if no less malicious. The Darker The Hour craves approval and authority. It loves things that are cool and hates things that are lame. It will cause the greatest amount of chaos possible if left to its own devices.
  • Stats as goblin
  • Can force itself into the mouth of any creature in melee range, though they can Save vs Paralysis to resist. Once in their body, it can make them Charmed by any human in line of sight, though the host can save to resist. Moreover, it can place insert thoughts into its host's mind. These must be short enough to be said with a single breath, and the host is under no compunction to act upon them--they simply believe the thought to be their own. Hosts do not remember being possessed.
  • Hosts will respond with confusion or hostility if summoners start barking orders at The Darker The Hour while it is possessing them.

The Damascene Spider
screenshot from Bloodborne
Something like a spider, something like a man, born in a crypt as a simple spider, but has grown fat on dead saints. It has acquired something of their benevolence and all of their wisdom, and is the size of a large dog. The Damascene, on one hand, wants to aid the sick, comfort the dying, and give to the poor, while on the other, it wants to wind everything up in silk and slurp them up when they've gone all runny. It has given up anthropophagy for now, but views lapses on this front as more venal than mortal.
  • Stats as crab spider. It does not have fatal venom.
  • The Damascene's bite is not venomous, but it can drool some venom onto a wounded creature, healing them for 1d6+1 HP. This is exhausting for the spider--it must rest 1 Turn and consume 1 ration before it can repeat the procedure.
  • The Damascene can extrude 10 ft of silk (as strong as a rope) per exploration turn.

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