Friday, December 25, 2015

the happy dead

Another revision of my summoner class, along with two more spirits.

Las Muertas
If a summoner learns the True Name of a dead human, they can call their spirit forth from the Lands of the Dead. These ghosts are invisible to all but their summoner (or those with the means to see magic) and care utterly incapable of interacting with the physical world. However, if their summoner commands them to possess a corpse, they can use it as an intermediary to interfere with the living. Las Muertas retain all of their knowledge, mental capacity, and abilities from life, but acquire all of the physical capabilities and limitations of their host. When a host is destroyed, its possessor is banished back to the Lands of the Dead and cannot be summoned until the following midnight.

While the personalities and motivations of Las Muertas vary as much as the living, they are uniformly incapable of boredom, though they may enjoy some activities more than others. One of the dead can spend a decade at the bottom of a well unphased. Moreover, leaving the stultifying Lands of the Dead makes them labile and manic--Las Muertas have a notorious taste for rich food, liquor, and tobacco. 

There are rumors of a town in the northernmost reaches of Las Taifas where summoners call up the dead and willingly release them into the Lands of the Living. The sheikhs denies such speculation.

Búho is a spirit consisting of 12 porcelain owl dolls.
  • Their heads turn to face the most powerful Chaotic creature in the immediate vicinity
  • Their bodies rattle in the presence of magic. 
  • Each time someone lies in Búho's presence, one of the dolls breaks. 
The dolls must remain within 12 feet of each other. They can move as fast as a human, but only when nobody can see them. While unobserved, they can carry small objects. As long as an area has an egress accessible to a normal human, they can leave, even if they aren't large or strong enough normally (so if Búho is in a room with a closed door, the dolls can leave if nobody can see them. If the door's locked or actually a heavy portcullis, they're stuck) If all the dolls break, Búho is banished. Búho cannot speak.

Búho always tries to reveal secrets and uncover the truth, regardless of the consequences. The older and darker the secret, the more Búho tries to reveal it. It most commonly comes into conflict with humans when it comes across a powerful secret--murder, infidelity, falsified noble lineages. It haunts those it believes to be responsible, hoping that observers can figure out the rules of its abilities to put together the truth.