Sunday, August 30, 2015

Lamentation Overdrive

Lamentation Overdrive: mech fighting game in LotFP's Worst Timeline historical fantasy setting. As in
  • Lamentation Overdrive: Borgia's Banquet
  • Lamentation Overdrive: The Beast of Gévaudan
  • Lamentation Overdrive: War of the Roses
  • Lamentation Overdrive: Rise of the Anti-pope
  • Lamentation Overdrive: Tudor Returns
  • Lamentation Overdrive: The Revenge of John Dee
  • Lamentation Overdrive: Meat Festival

from bayonetta
Angelus Drive
Stolen tabernacle, inscribed with inverted Enochian and adapted as an angel-prison. Requires heavy occultum shielding or else leaked hieric radiation slowly transforms all nearby objects and creatures into perfect golden spheres
from final fantasy
Bazeries Battery
A puissant unanswered question, locked away behind an impossible cipher; allows a mech to run on ultra-efficient epistemological potential energy, but if anyone cracks the code or answers the question, the mech immediately shuts off.

Epistemological Array
Allows the mech to teleport, but only to the precise spot your opponent least expects. Frequently lands inexperienced pilots in the center of the sun.
from bayonetta
Nephilim Frame
Skeleton of an antediluvian giant, bleached with holy water and wired together with adamant. It's almost indestructible, but not quite as dead as one would hope.

The Wicker Man
Pagan-built mech chassis. It's fireproof, and in fact eternally burning, but the only fuel it takes is humans. 
from bayonetta

Lobotomized greenman; staggering healing ability allows implanted weapons to be incorporated just as easily as with a constructed chassis, but requires a huge amount of opium to maintain cooperation.

Aegis Ray
Medusa head mounted inside an optical device with rotating lenses; one magnifies, increasing area of effect but reducing range and petrification speed; the other focuses, creating a needle-thin, long-range beam of ultra telluric energy.

from bayonetta
Bomb of Gilead
A thrice-blessed and thrice-burned vessel of aromatic wood; can be activated once per day to temporarily disable all non-divine magic in a short radius around the mech.  

Paracelsian Contract
Legal documents penned in human blood allowing a mech pilot to call on elementals for service. The number of times they can be used depends on the clarity and quality of the contract's writing, as well as how much the pilot is willing to pay.
  • Sylph are immaterial and non-violent, but they can be used for reconnaissance purposes. They require decadent confectionary and elaborate meals as their price--baby giraffe pâté, 1,000 perfectly fried hummingbird tongues, the broiled brain of an albino jaguar.
  • Salamanders are hot enough to burn anything, and will swarm over and through an enemy mech at the signatory's request. They require horrific acts of arson in return for their service.
  • Undine allow the mech pilot to travel safely underwater. They require wealth to be dropped into the deepest parts of the ocean, though they occasionally demand mass drownings
  • Gnomes refuse to partake in this insanity.

Monday, August 24, 2015


This was a bit of a challenge since all the photos has to be creative commons. Not sure how well it turned out, but it was an experiment.

Fortean Horror and Occult Investigation in South Florida

Something is wrong with Miami, something is wrong with you, you have become unstuck from the world and nothing is right. Your friends forget your face, strangers know your name, the graffiti addresses you as a friend and voices call for you from static and dial tone. 

There are old women in chintz dresses, they crawl about on all fours and follow you through the streets. Nobody else notices them and you don't know what happens when they catch you.

There's been a man walking in circles around your block for the last month. He ignores you when you try to stop him, but blood is welling out of his shoes and he is as thin as a famine victim.

There's an angel trapped inside the walls of the office down the street from your apartment, or at least it tells you when you walk past. A lot of people have been jumping off the roof of that building lately.

You notice children have been paying the ice cream man in teeth, and what he's been giving him sure doesn't look like popsicles.

A man has been murdered in the alley behind your apartment every night for the last week. The exact same man, at the exact same time, and the police never answer when you call.

When they tried to raze the old theater, it bled like a living thing.

All children who live on a single block have begun speaking ancient Greek, to the exclusion of all other languages. Their dialect and accents are eccentric even for scholars, but they seem to be trying to warn you of something.

A local genetics researcher is in a bit of trouble. They thought they were developing extra-wooly sheep, but now the lambs speak, and do so with the voice of multitudes

Whenever you try to use a phone, the God In The Wires talks to you. It has very peculiar and very specific demands.

You know the name of one of the orishas. Your parents taught you to say their name just right.

You saw what they did in the church basement every Sunday night, and the memory still follows you, deep black and indistinct.

Last year you woke up with a hangover and a tattoo of stylized eye on the back of your hand. Its pupil is the most remarkable shade of blue; it hardly looks like skin.

You had to get vaccinations for international travel recently, and the nurse gave you an extra injection before you realized it wasn't supposed to happen. You remember the needle dripping something oily and black.

You only have the faintest memories of your mother. They don't quite make sense, and whenever you think about her too hard, you get a bad nosebleed.

You tried to kill yourself at one point. You woke up in the hospital, but you distinctly remember it working.

  • Dromedary Camel by Dallas Krentzel
  • The Gentleman's Ritual II by Gabriele Negri
  • The Surfer by Bill Dickinson
  • Efeito Borboleta by Jaaiiro Souza
  • Miami Beach by Ricymar Photography
  • 03.22.ManHunt.WP.SBM.5mar05 by Elvert Barnes
  • miami by Kevin walsh
  • Albino Alligator by Matthew Paulsen
  • e pluribus unum by sherber 711
  • Palacio de Vizcaya by Jorge Elias
  • Miami Herald Demolition by Phillip Pessar
  • City of Miami with Miami beach in background by Kent Wien

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put a spell on you

What if you didn't prepare or expend spells and magic was just a bunch of weird tricks that just worked all the time. 
Witch, a class for old school D&D
source unknown. would really like to know who made this.
HP, attack bonus, saving throws, and XP progression as cleric. Equipment restrictions as magic-user.

Witches don't cast spells. They know minor acts of magic known as arcana. A witch can use any arcanum as much as she wants, though some arcana have situational requirements or material components.

To learn an arcanum, a witch must belong to its School. A witch starts out in a single School of her choice; to be inducted into others, she must find a member and induce them to let her join. A witch can only belong to a number of Schools equal to 1/3 her level, rounded up. Witches do not learn arcana as they level up; they must learn them from books, research, or tutors.

A level 1 witch is a member of a single School and knows 1d3 arcana from it.

School of Knot Making
 It takes 1 exploration turn to tie a knot. I say "string", but it can be a rope, cord, cable, whatever, as long as it is flexible-- a big chain isn't going to work.
  1. the Hundredweight Knot: once completed, this knot weighs 10×(1d6+level) pounds. 
  2. the Knot of Knowledge: the knot-tier knows when this knot is undone or the string it is tied from breaks.  
  3. the Ineluctable Knot: anyone restrained by this knot cannot slip free from their bonds. If they are strong enough, they can still break their bindings.
  4. the Adamant Knot: any string that bears this knot can only be severed or destroyed through magic. This does not affect the string's tensile strength--it can still snap if overburdened. 
  5. the Knot of Fascination: anyone attempting to untie this knot must Save vs Magic. If they succeed, they untie at as normal. If they fail, they will continue to attempt to untie it, unaware to their surroundings, until it is physically taken away from them or something particularly compelling or dangerous seizes their attention.
  6. The League Long Knot: this knot takes an hour. Untying it results in a string twice as long as before.
School of Hexwork
  1. If you form a circle with your forefinger and thumb and blow through it into somebody's face, they must Save vs Poison or catch a wasting disease. It reduces their maximum HP by 1 point each day and prevents all natural healing.
  2. If you extend your index and middle fingers, they function as a strong and sharp dagger
  3. If you form a circle with your middle finger and thumb, any object dropped inside will vanish until you pull it back out. You can store as many items as you want (that fit through this circle, obviously), but retrieving an item takes a number of exploration turns equal to the number of objects stored.
  4. By shaving your head and burying your hair, you can sterilize all soil and spoil all wells in a quarter mile radius around the burial site until the hair is removed or the curse lifted by magic.
  5. If you burn somebody's teeth in a fire, they take d12 damage for every tooth burned. Save vs magic for half damage. 
  6. You can swallow fire and keep it in your belly. You can only keep one flame at a time. You can either vomit up the fire to ignite something or spit it at an enemy (10 ft ranged attack) to deal damage. A lantern flame deals d4 damage, a torch flame deals d6, a bonfire deals d12.

School of Maskmaking

from dorohedoro
You can make magic masks from the corpses of creatures you've killed personally. Wearing these masks allows you to polymorph into the creature for a number of turns equal to your level, at which point the mask breaks and you resume your natural form. A mask takes up a number of significant items equal to 1+half HD, rounded down, and requires an hour to make.

School of Summoning
    1. You can make spirit traps from the corpses of creatures you've killed personally. Once you've made the spirit trap, you can summon the creature's ghost whenever you like. It is immaterial and vanishes back into the afterlife if it leaves your line of sight. Spirits must answer any question you ask them, but only have a 4-in-6 chance of answering honestly (5-on-6 if you have exceptional Charisma).Summoning a spirit takes 1 turn.
    2. You can summon a minor demon in the form of a nine-eyed crow. If you feed it a drop of someone's blood, it will tell you what they most desire. It will not perform any other service for you, but will do its best to convince you to perform evil acts as long as it stays in this world.
    3. You can summon a minor demon in the form of a black, furred serpent. If you feed it a lock of somebody's hair, it will tell you their most shameful secret. It will not perform any other service for you, but will do its best to convince you to perform evil acts as long as it stays in this world
    4. You can summon a demon of middling power to guard you. It adores you, utterly and stupidly, and will attack anyone who threatens you (or seems to threaten you) with suicidal ferocity. It has a number of HD equal to half your level, rounded down (minimum 1), and if it dies it cannot be summoned again for a number of days equal to its HD. Summoning and dismissing it takes 1 exploration turn.
    School of Dancing
    Magic dances are exhausting. For every turn you spend dancing, make a Constitution check. If you fail, take 1 point of Constitution damage. This damage heals at a rate of 1 point per week.
    1. Dance of Change: When you complete this dance, you may polymorph into a mundane animal with an HD of one or less. The transformation lasts for as long as you danced or until you choose to revert to your true form.
    2. Shatter Dance: Completing this dance breaks every mundane piece of glass within a number of feet equal to 10 times the number of Turns spent dancing.
    3. Dark Dance: Completing this dance extinguishes every torch, lamp, or other light source within a number of feet equal to 10 times the number of Turns spent dancing.
    4. Vorpal Dance: This dance ends by tracing a finger or toe across a flat surface. This creates a cut with a depth in inches equal to twice the number of turns you danced, regardless of material. 
    5. Arson Dance: When you perform this dance indoors, no fire within that structure can be extinguished until you leave or stop dancing. This may work in a limited area (such as a single story or wing) in very large buildings.   
    6. Wind Dance: As per Stormspeech. Lasts until you stop dancing.