Monday, June 29, 2015

torch songs

I don't like how genasi + aasimar + tieflings are so taxonomical. They could do with being a bit more vague about what high fantasy Paracelsian interpretation they map onto. They could also do to be a but more like Kill Six Billion Demons. 

Aasimar/Fire Genasi

Angels are eternal conflagrations of heatless nuclear flame. They mostly exist in the Void, where they sing endless atomic songs and contemplate their own immanence. Those unfortunate humans descended from angels are aasimar. They are as much flesh as fire, their blood and breath and soul replaced by a single nuclear pneuma that sustains them even as it slowly consumes their bodies.

from kill six billion demons
  • Age: Aasumar live as long as elves. As they age, they become more beautiful, more alien, and more rarefied as their heavenly fire slowly burns away all trace of their temporality. 
  • Alignment: Whatever
  • Speed:  30 ft
  • Languages: English/Common and Enochian/Celestial
  • Ability Score Increases: Your Constitution score increases by 1. Your Wisdom score increases by 2.
  • Rarefied: You are immune to disease and poison and do not breathe. You keep your fire-self burning with sacred oils and blessed incense (function as wine and rations in terms of cost and encumbrance) for fuel. You need to "eat" and "drink" half as much as a human. 
  • Meditation: Though you do not sleep, you must spend 4 hours a day contemplating the Void or find yourself slowly drawn back there in a state that conveniently mirrors human exhaustion. You are fully aware of your surroundings in this state.
  • Radioactive: You can cast the Produce Flame cantrip
  • Body of Fire: You have resistance to radiant damage

Friday, June 26, 2015

by the pricking of my thumbs

Been stuck on Arthur Asa's Scarlet Hare Coven and now I want witchy druids. So here they are.

Circle of the Night
Eschewing the hippy bullshit of the more orthodox druids, members of the Circle of the Night treat nature and its magic as much a matter of study as a matter of religious obligation. They have a generally unsavory reputation, famous for trafficking with malign fey and the darker forces of the natural world.

Bonus Cantrip
Starting at 2nd level, you learn one cantrip of your choice from the Wizard list. The attribute for this cantrip is Wisdom.

Dark Knowledge
Starting at 2nd level, you can inscribe magical rituals onto your skin. Pick two 1st level spells from any class list that have the ritual tag. You can always cast these spells as rituals, and they do not count against spells you know or have prepared. If you find other ritual spells during your adventures, you can tattoo them onto yourself, though you can only cast it if its spell level is equal to your less than half your Druid level. This process takes 50 gp and 2 hours.You can fit as many rituals as you like onto yourself.

Unbreakable Vow
Starting at 6th level, anyone who signs a contract with or swears an oath to you must make a Wisdom save vs your spell save DC in order to break its terms. They only must follow the letter, not the spirit of the agreement. Paradoxical promises are null and void. 

Witch's Garden
Starting at 10th level, you acquire a garden in the form of a 1 acre demiplane. Its exact nature, climate, and contents are a matter between you and your DM. The garden is never more than half a day's travel away, no matter where you go or where you are. Only you know the way there, though others can follow you (even without your knowledge)

Starting at 14th level, you can expend both uses of your Wild Shape ability to turn into an Adult Dragon with the chroma of your choice for 10 minutes. This transformation otherwise follows all Wild Shape rules.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

have a great summer

Aarakocra are too hard to say, too hard to spell, and bird people don't do it for me, generally. I do like that they have one, primary ability that's really good instead of a smattering of smaller talents that are easy to forget and/or hard to track. So it's time to reskin them.

Yaga, a race for Type V D&D

from spirited away
A yaga is something like an elf, something like an ogre. They are flying witch-people, known for making their homes in the remotest and most inhospitable places: swamps, glaciers, mountainsides. The traditionalists among them are ritual cannibals, grinding the bones of their enemies to leaven their bread and seasoning soup with their marrow.

The yaga are children of monstrosity, and few look similar. They can be shorter than 4 feet or taller than 6; some are hunched and clawed while others look quite human. All have vestigial wings, though the more modern ones conceal them under their clothes.

from howl's moving castle
Yaga from the motherland favor warlocks over wizards and druids over clerics, preferring the Old Powers of the earth to unreliable novelties like literacy and organized religion (though obviously you can pick any class you want). Their couriers are the best in the business.
  • Ability Score Increase: Your Constitution, Charisma, and Wisdom each increase by 1
  • Age: Yaga live as long as elves, but they don't stop aging. The eldest of the yaga look like living bog mummies.
  • Alignment: ????
  • Size: Medium. The yaga vary greatly in size and shape. Some are small and stooped, others are towering and bestial, some nearly look human.
    • Base height: 3'8"
    • Height Modifier: +d30
    • Base Weight: 65 lb.
    • Weight modifier: ×2d6
  • Speed: Your base walking speed in 25 ft
  • Flight: You have a base flying speed of 50 ft. You can't fly if you are wearing medium or heavy armor. This isn't some Magneto levitation shit, though--sharp turns and hovering in place are tough.You can't cast spells or make attacks while flying.
  • Witchery: You can cast the Prestidigitation cantrip
    • Language: You know Common/English and Mance, the language of witches
    from odin sphere
    from legend of zelda: windwaker