Monday, January 12, 2015

Golems of Goriat

Self-sufficient magical devices constructed by the ancient people of Goriat. In ages past, golems farmed, built, and manufactured for their masters, but the only golems left today are engines of destruction.

A vine-wrapped porcelain skeleton, its ribcage packed with dirt and seeded with cursed orchids. Chlorolisks are not sentient, and the formulas inscribed on the insides of their skulls compel them to kill everything they see.
HD 8 Speed human
Armor plate Attack unarmed d8
Morale 12 Alignment Neutral

  • Sow. When a Chlorolisk strikes an enemy with a melee attack, it forces seeds into their flesh. 
  • Effloresce. Chlorolisks can cast Plant Growth at will. Growing seeds embedded in an enemy’s flesh deals d6 damage for every successful Chlorolisk melee attack the target has suffered this combat. 
  • Mindless. Chlorolisks are in a fight or looking for one. Retreat, ambush, or sabotage are beyond them. 
A sandstone colossus with a stylized eye inscribed in its sphereical head. Each Goliath contains the soul of an ancient criminal, imparting it with limited intelligence and a tendency to hoard.
HD 10 Speed ½ human
Armor plate Attack flare d20
Morale 10 Alignment Neutral
  • Scry. Goliaths can cast Clairvoyance at will.
  • Flare. Goliaths can produce gouts of brilliant flame from their eye, dealing d20 damage at shortbow range.
  • Greed. Goliaths contain the souls of those executed for theft and graft. The lingering avarice of these ghosts compels Goliaths to any valuables they come across, despite the fact that material wealth is useless to such a creature. 
Hex Vessel
A large clay pot that walks about on four spidery arms, illuminated by a torch-bright blue flame that hovers over its mouth. Hex vessels are animated by the ghosts of insufficiently talented sorcerers, and are most easily persuaded of Goriat's golems. 
HD 4 Speed 1.5 × human
Armor leather Attack flame d6
Morale 6 Alignment Neutral
  • Birth. Hex vessels are golematric incubators and have a 1 in 6 chance of disgorging an inkling each Round.
  • Cowardice. Hex vessels never participate directly in combat and only fight when cornered.
Child sized golems constructed from hexed ink and sublimated shadow.  Though they possess a doglike susceptibility to affection, inklings are also the cruelest of the golems.
HD 2 Speed 1.5 × human, climb
Armor none Attack claws d4
Morale 8 Alignment Neutral
  • Viscous. Inklings can squeeze through any space larger than a coin.
  • Permeable. Inklings take d4 damage per Round in lightless environments as their substance bleeds off into the ambient darkness.

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  1. Love the nature of the inklings. I couldnt help imagining a boy who has found an inkling pet who has saved him from bandits or other dangers, and that kid always keeping a candle next to that inkling bed to keep it from bleeding off in darkness.