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Advanced Angelology

  1. The Grigori Fell because they gave knowledge to humanity before the divinely appointed time.
  2. Even the angels do not know why they were banished from Heaven.
  3. The Grigori live in the Sunless Lands because it is closer to Paradise.
  4. The Grigori are actually just demons. They look like that to confuse you.
  5. The Grigori snatch people up and take them to Heaven, in hopes that God will forgive them
  6. If the Grigori catch you, they will whisper spells into your ear until you think like them.
  7. The Grigori see out of the eyes of their Watchers
  8. If you become a Watcher, the Grigori will carry you to Heaven when you die
  9. If you become a Watcher, the Grigori will eat your soul when you die
  10. There are exactly 2401 Grigori in the world.
  11. If you use a Grigori's weapon, it will hunt you down for stealing it.
  12. The Grigori fight endlessly against the legions of Hell.
  13. Out in the wilderness, there's a paradise built by angels.
  14. The Grigori are secretly allies with the legions of Hell.
  15. Some Grigori are buried underground, trapped there when they Fell.
  16. The fairies are children of the Grigori
  17. The giants are children of the Grigori
  18. If you swear yourself into their service, some Grigori will tell you their secrets
  19. Grigori can't be harmed by humans.
  20. The hearts of the Grigori are giant jewels.
HD: Variable
AC: 18/Armor Gematria
Damage: Angelic Weapon, based on sphere
MV: 1.5x Unencumbered human (fly and hover)
Alignment: Lawful, duh

Angels' abilities are determine by their Sphere, Domain, and Weapon. They always have goals related to their domain; Angels of Love will try to matchmake while Angels of the Truth will try to bring old crimes to light. They are unsubtle, react with violence when opposed in any way, and have such a poor understanding of human anatomy that they can easily kill someone on accident. The Grigori are not stupid, however, and often work through human proxies.
Armor Gematria: Angels do not take damage that is a multiple of or contains the same digit as their sphere. So an Angel of the Sixth Sphere would suffer no HP loss if their attacker rolled 6, 12, 16, or 18 damage. Angels of the First Sphere only take damage that is a multiple of 13 or 666.

  1. First Sphere: 21 HD
  2. Second Sphere: 18 HD
  3. Third Sphere: 15 HD
  4. Fourth Sphere: 12 HD
  5. Fifth Sphere: 9 HD
  6. Sixth Sphere: 6 HD
  7. Seventh Sphere: 3 HD
  8. Reroll, has lost its weapon
  1. Artifice
    • Can cast Major Creation at will without the material component
    • Can cause any man-made device to cease function
  2. Death
    • Those who see its dreadful countenance must Save vs Poison or be reduced to 0 HP
    • Can Speak With Dead and Animate Dead at will
    • While in line of sight of the angel, when any creature makes a saving throw that would prevent instant death, they roll twice and take the lower result
    • While in line of sight of the angel, all HP recover is as half as effective.
  3. Dreams
    • Immune to sleep spells. 
    • Can physically enter dreams
    • Can cast Sleep and Change Self at will. 
    • Can create a waking dream at will. This functions as casting Phantasmal Supergoria, except that the illusion can consist of any number of objects and creatures with no volume restriction and can target all creatures in line of sight of the angel. Watchers, though insane, generally retain their sense of fair play and will not dream anyone into the bottom of the ocean or the center of the Earth unless they're really angry.
  4. Fire
    • Immune to heat and flame. 
    • Wrapped in a fiery shroud with a radius equal to its HD in feet that deals damage equal to its HD per Turn/10 minutes and ignites anything flammable. 
    • Can cast Heat Metal, Resist Fire, and Faerie Fire at will.
    • Can snuff flame with a volume equal to 10*HD in cubic feet.
  5. Fury
    • Can cast Howl of the Moon at full potency at any time. 
    • For every 25% of its HP it loses, the angel doubles in size and deals an extra d8 damage with melee attacks.
  6. Life: 
    • The angel can change its shape into that of any non-magical animal
    • Can create a non-magical animal once per day
    • Can speak with animals
    • Can Charm animals with no saving throw.
    • The angel can raise the dead, though there are Consequences.
  7. Love
    • At will, the angel can make any two sentient creatures in line of sight fall in love with each other; both must Save vs Magic or feel as though they had successfully and simultaneously cast Charm Person on each other. If one saves and the other doesn't, the love is unreciprocated, and if anyone succeeds on their save to resist the angel's power, they are forever immune to it.
  8. Mathematics: Once per Turn, the Angel can ban a quantity of numbers equal to 8-its sphere.
    • Whenever a dice roll results in a banned number, the check counts as a failure, the damage counts as 0, or the random roll results in nothing.
    • If you are using a grid, no one can move a number of spaces equal to a banned number
    • Groups with a banned number of members cannot approach the angel; if "1", "2", and "4" are banned, a party of 5 combatants could only attack the angel as a group of 3 or 5.
    • While in line of sight of the angel, any representations of a banned number are illegible, and no one can say the number's name.
    • The angel cannot ban the same number two Turns in row.
  9. Moon
    • Can cast Veil, Disguise Self, and Faerie Fire at will
    • Can cast Reverse Gravity once. 1 in 12 chance each Turn/10 minutes of regaining the ability to cast.
  10. Mercy
    • No one under the gaze of the angel can feel pain. Successful sneak attacks and backstabs go unnoticed
    • Anyone who flees in line of sight of the angel moves twice as fast
    • Anyone under 10% of their maximum HP must Save vs Magic or die every Turn while in line of sight of the angel.
  11. Night 
    • Can cast Darkness at will.
    • Can create a 240 ft diameter circle of Night around itself, a creature, an object or a point in space. At the outermost edge of the area of effect, the sun hangs low on the horizon; halfway to the epicenter, strange constellations and a sickly red moon hang in the sky; at the epicenter, it is as dark as a moonless night. It can maintain a number of these zones equal to its Sphere.
  12. Poetry 
    • Can cast Comprehend Languages and Obscure Languages on any creature it sees at will
    • Can banish prosody--while this is in effect, characters in line of sight of the angel can only perform actions that their players describe in metered or rhyming verse
  13. Prophecy
    • Can cast Quest once a day
    • Can cast Vision with no risk of price or failure once a week
    • Once per Turn/10 minutes, the angel can determine whether or not a creature in line of sight would be successful if they 
  14. Storms
    • Can cast Control Weather at will
    • Can cast Magic Missile in the form of lightning as a Magic-user with as many levels as it has HD
  15. Sea: 
    • Can cast Airy Water, Part Water, Strange Waters Water Breathing, and Water Walk at will. 
    • Can also create a number of gallons of water equal to 10*its HD once; it has a 1 in 6 chance of regaining this ability per Turn/10 minutes.
  16. Sorcery 
    • Knows 3 spells of each spell level from the Magic-user list. Can cast each 1/day
  17. Sun
    • Can cast Light at will
    • Can create a 240 ft diameter circle of Day around itself, a creature, an object or a point in space. At the outermost edge of the area of effect, a warm sun hangs in perpetual daybreak; halfway to the epicenter, the sun is orange and the air unseasonably warm; at the epicenter, the sun is an alarming golden-red and everything is unbearably hot, preventing anyone there from naturally recovering HP and requiring them to drink twice as much water. The center slowly changes into a desert. The angel can maintain a number of these zones equal to its Sphere.
  18. Time 
    • Always Hasted
    • Can create a field of distorted time, Slowing everything but itself within 100 ft
    • Can cast Time Stop and Temporal Stasis 1/day each
    • If you ask nice, it can send you through time
  19. Truth 
    • Always knows when someone is lying or not; whenever someone in their presence lies, they take d6*half Angel's HD (rounded up) damage, Save vs Magic for half.
    • Constant True Seeing effect
  20.  Two domains; roll twice on this table
    Determine Weapon Characteristics Sphere and Damage
    1. Angel of the First Sphere: 2d12 damage
    2. Angel of the Second Sphere: 1d20 damage
    3. Angel of the Third Sphere: 1d12 damage
    4. Angel of the Fourth Sphere: 1d10 damage
    5. Angel of the Fifth Sphere: 1d8 damage
    6. Angel of the Sixth Sphere: 1d6 damage
    7. Angel of the Seventh Sphere: 1d4 damage
    8. Roll again; has lost weapon (if you find a weapon, this means the original owner is dead)
    1. Hierogram, to be embedded in the wielder's palm
    2. Halo, activated at will 
    3. Scroll, 1 handed
    4. Trumpet, 1 handed
    5. Sword, 1 handed, can be used as a regular melee weapon for 1d12 damage
    6. Crosier, 2 handed
    7. Bow, 2 handed, can fire mundane projectile as longbow at double range
    8. Icon, human sized and very heavy, business end is an outstretched hand
    9. Armor*, piloted
    10. Chariot*, piloted
    1. 1d6 uses
    2. 2d6 uses
    3. 3d6 uses
    4. 4d6 uses
    5. 5d6 uses
    6. 6d6 uses
    Adorned With
    1. Beautiful Wings
    2. Exquisite Faces
    3. Slender Hands
    4. Watchful Eyes
    5. Singing mouths
    6. Heavenly Verses
    7. Celestial Diagrams
    Wrought from... (roll twice)
    1. Gold
    2. Silver
    3. Platinum
    4. Jet
    5. Ivory
    6. Alabaster
    7. Chalcedony
    8. Marble
    1. Silver Flame
    2. Brilliant Arrows
    3. Spears of Lightning
    4. Invisible Force
    5. Shining Spheres
    6. Spirals of Molten Gold
    7. Burning Words
    8. Crystal Feathers
    1. Medium plummets from heavens to target (doesn't work inside, but will ruin the roof)
    2. Medium launches in a straight line from device 
    3. Medium issues in a cone shape from device
    4. Medium erupts from target's orifices
    5. Medium erupts from ground beneath target (can't strike high-flying targets)
    6. Medium forms a circle around user, than lashes outward 
    Miraculous Properties
    Each device has a 1 in 6 chance of having one of the following:
    1. Survivors of this weapon’s attack are branded with a sigil that prevents them from lying
    2. This weapon can take on the shape and properties of any melee weapon at the will of its wielder
    3. This weapon can take on the shape and properties of any ranged at the will of its wielder
    4. Wielder can sacrifice this device to bring the recently dead to life, though there are side-effect
    5. Those slayed by this weapon have a 1 in 6 chance of returning as 1 HP cherubs loyal to the wielder
    6. Wielder can use this device to summon any angel whose true name they know
    7. If the wielder defeats or finds the device’s original owner, they can cast a spell relating to the angel's domain 1/day
    8. Operates on the principles of warfare gematria; when this weapon's damage roll is a number that is a multiple of the wielder's level or HD, double the damage
    *Armor and Chariots
    These work as ships in combat. Armor has 5 SP and a 2 in 6 chance of being able to fly; Chariots have 10 SP and always can fly.


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