Thursday, September 18, 2014


Who Runs The Show?
  1. Clown Lord Risible, greatest fool of this generation and liege of all mimes
  2. Prodigy John, luminary legerdemainist, master prestidigitator, and "author of 1,000 new forms of lovemaking"
  3. Dame Carmilla, who's six foot seven and punches her weight
  4. Timothy Tenpenny, the six-armed, legless King of Freaks
  5. Lady Caruthers, entrepreneurial runaway and heir of the Ancient House of Caruthers
  6. Dr. Malleus, renegade medical professional and connoisseur of the taboo
What's It Called?
  1. The Grand Circus
  2. The Carnivalé Mysteriosum
  3. The Fabulous Sensorium
  4. The High Spectacle
  5. Cirque du Dieu
  6.  The Most Fantabulous Five Ringed Circus
What's Their Secret?
  1. Clowns are deep-cover demihuman spies
  2. All performers are clandestine agents of the Crown
  3. They smuggle rebels, renegades, and undesirables out of the country by disguising them as performers.
  4. All performers are planning a coup to dislodge the reigning monarch
  5. Anyone who starts working here can't leave until they find someone to take their place
  6. Nothing, but all the performers are really nervous
What's the Hook?
  1. All of the circus freaks look completely average, but everyone else is acting otherwise
  2. Locals start disappearing whenever this circus is in town
  3. A circus cart tips over and bodies spill out
  4. The mayor of the nearest town wants these carnie hooligans gone, and he wants them gone now.
  5. Each traveling circus follows its own special route through the country, and once a century converge on a particular small town.
  6. When the circus started setting up, all wildlife fled and all livestock tried to escape. The grass is growing away from their tent.
Who Are the Performers?
  1. Eliza and Beliza Teliza, twin stage magicians with a talent for sword-swallowing and fire-breathing
  2. Tiborius, who is either a chimera with its goat and snake heads cut off, or a really big lion
  3. Lady Timora, a fortune-teller who can't tell your future but can cast Fireball
  4. Terror Clown
  5. Father Farfello, faith healer and novice exorcist
  6. Hermel, who plays a sometimes-explosive calliope

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