Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Let's make a deal

So warlocks need to complete favors in order to maintain (semi)reliable access to their spells. Coming up with lots of favors on the fly is hard, so I made tables. Major favors also work as adventure seeds. These are for the incubus Malamaut.

Minor Favors
A minor favor cannot reduce HP or an attribute to 0, and all attribute damage heals after a night’s sleep.
  1. Dance with me! (for d6 x 10 minutes)
  2. I need some of your blood. It is very, very important that you not ask why (d6 damage)
  3. I need to borrow a bit of that body of yours (d3 Strength damage)
  4. I’m in need of some vigor (d3 Constitution damage)
  5. I want some of your grace (d3 Dexterity damage)
  6. Lend me your cunning (d3 Intelligence damage)
  7. I’ve never had the best judgment. Could I borrow some of yours? (d3 Wisdom damage)
  8. I need a piece of soul. I promise I’ll give it back (d3 Charisma damage)
Major Favors
If you can't quickly come up with a good location, stick it d6 x 10 hexes (or miles, or days, or whatever) away in a random direction.
  1. It has come to my attention that a merchant caravan passing nearby is carrying a bottle of Quietus, that most potent and poisonous of aphrodisiacs. Fetch it for me.
  2. An old lover of mine has been condemned to death, and I want to watch. The execution is in [2d20] days in [the nearest large city], so do hurry. I always said I’d see him hang, and now I don’t have to do it myself.
  3. An old lover of mine has been sentenced to a most dreadful prison, and I want you to release her. She never did suffer prettily, and I still owe her a favor.
  4. Best beloved, one of those wretched hellhounds is getting awfully close to sniffing me out. Dispose of it, will you?
  5. I think it’s time you got me a proper present, dearest. I could have such fun with a weapon of those Grigori—I believe there’s one skulking around nearby.
  6. Oh dear. I’m fresh out of blood. Could you collect, say, [d100 HP] worth? Nothing too old, of course. (A bottle or wineskin can hold 10 HP worth of blood. Blood goes bad after a day unless it is refrigerated or hermetically sealed)
  7. Dearest, you caught me in the middle of an engagement. Treat me to a fine meal [2d100 sp per diner, d6 hour-long courses], or I will be most put out.
  8. The mayor in (the nearest village) has been treating his lover most viciously, and it is beginning to vex me. Put him out of my misery.
  9. I am in need of a pet. Capture [a monster or magical creature] alive, and I shall come to retrieve it once we’re all safe and sound.
  10. A most boring constable is trying to shut down a brothel in (nearest large city). Convince him otherwise, won’t you?
  11. What luck you called! I’m planning a party in [nearest large city], and I need a bit of cash to get it started (costs a number of silver pieces equal to 25% of the xp needed to reach next level)
  12. I’m in a bit of a bind—some fairy noble caught me in her bed with a lady-in-waiting, and now she’s sent a champion to challenge me to a duel. You‘ll stand in for me, right? They’ll get here in [d6] hours.
  13. Oh, it’s so romantic! There’s this eloping couple traveling nearby, and they’ll be eaten by wolves any day now. Go help them, will you?
  14. Some bore of a priest is burning books in [nearest village]. Go stop him—they always burn the ones with the exciting pictures.
  15. I can’t be seen with anyone dressed like that! Go find some half-decent clothes. (Must spend 5d100 sp on fashionable equipment—engraved grappling hooks, filigreed armor, lace handkerchiefs for cleaning swords, etc)
  16. You know, I’ve just had an idea. Fetch me a length of silk rope, a brazier, a small horse, a block and tackle, some lard, a bag of ball bearings, and some open-minded young people with a strong sense of adventure.
  17. I’ve been trying my hand at some poetry and am in need of a muse. Find someone fetching for me. (Acquire the services of a hireling with a Charisma modifier of at least +1 for at least a month)
  18. All this adventuring has left me fatigued. Take me someplace nice, darling (a night in the most expensive hotel or inn in the nearest large city.
  19. They’re circulating the most interesting pictures of (the region’s most notable noble couple) in [the nearest large city], but I hear the constabulary has begun to confiscate them. I simply must have one of these engravings.
  20. It’s been so long since I’ve been courted. Take me out on a night on the town. (Spend a full 24 hours and d1000 sp; roll on a carousing table if you’ve got one)

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  1. Hi Mateo, can I ask a favor? I'm setting up a 5th edition campaign which needs some good Warlock patrons. Would love to use yours (for instance Hungry Crone, PENEMVE, Malamaut) and add 5e rules & more tasks to them. Question: are you ok with me copying those Patron names, of course with clear attribution? I would only copy names & paraphrase concept, not copy entire lists of Major Favors - for that I will just link here. Hope to hear from you!