Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Hungry Crone

Another spirit for the Warlock.

She witnessed the invention of sin, watched the stars enter the sky, saw the earth's skin when it was liquid and light. She has commanded the adoration of empires and suffered in the servitude of hedge-witches. She is the Hungry Crone, Grandmother of All. Hers are the powers of darkness and blood, and her pact is with you. 

When she fully enters the temporal world, the Hungry Crone appears as an old woman, aged beyond reckoning but still unbent. In her right hand she carries a shepherd's crook and in her left, a stone knife. She can fly astride the crook, and wounds caused by the knife can only be healed with magic.

Starting spell. Roll 1d4

  1. Cause Fear (reverse of Remove Fear)
  2. Cause Light Wounds (Reverse of Cure Light Wounds)
  3. Cure Light Wounds
  4. Darkness (Reverse of Light)
Example spells at higher levels are Delay Poison, Cure/Cause Disease, Bestow Curse, Neutralize/Inflict Poison, Unholy Word, or Shadow Monsters.

Major favors

  1. In a random village, a man murdered his wife and child and ran off into the night. In doing this, he violated a taboo sacred even to the bloody-minded powers of old. Find him and kill him.
  2. It has been a few millennia since the Hungry Crone had a shrine that truly pleased her. Commission one that is both within your means and to her specifications (must cost at least 25% of the silver pieces necessary to reach the next level) in a village or city.
  3. A high ranking official in the nearest major city sold his soul to the Hungry Crone for her help in killing his weak-willed superior, and now it is time to collect. 
  4. The last time the Hungry Crone walked the world of mortals, a minor demon insulted her, and now she detects his presence in a random Hex. Find it and destroy its bodily form.
  5. A scholar has unearthed the skull belonging to the Hungry Crone's first child and placed it in a museum in the nearest major city. Steal it back and return it to the Hungry Crone.
  6. Long ago, a wizard bound the Hungry Crone as a slave. Though he is long dead, his tower is in a location 2d10 miles away. Find it and burn it down to the foundation.

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