Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Valuables in Albion

I'm going to be using quite a bit of Dyson's Delves soon, so I want to alter the treasure schema some, so there is weirder stuff than the traditional pieces of electrum and golden necklaces.

When adventurers in New Londinium stumble on a cache of commodities, roll a d6 to determine its size and quality. The d6 can explode (reroll on a 6) a number of times equal to the party's average level, the floor of the dungeon it is on, or the level of the monster guarding it, whichever you think is most appropriate. Certain buyers will pay more than the default value, but players have to track them down.

What's It Worth?
  1. 250 sp 
  2. 500 sp 
  3. 750 sp 
  4. 1,000 sp 
  5. 1,500 sp 
  6. 2,000 sp 
Once you have determined quality, a d6 twice to find out what is actually in the cache.
1. Metallurgy: precious substances used by the smiths and artisans of Albion
  1. Hardened Flame 
  2. Clarified Water 
  3. Rare Earth 
  4. Reified Aether 
  5. Sublimated Darkness 
  6. Immortal Blood 
2. Cosmetics: coveted by the fops and fine ladies of New Londinium
  1. Cream of Shoggoth 
  2. Spawn of Shub-Niggurath ichor 
  3. Spawn of Shub-Niggurath sap 
  4. Imp fat 
  5. Deep One bile 
  6. Refined Protoplasm 
3. Medicaments and Prophylactics: treasured by hypochondriacs and the credulous
  1. Mummia 
  2. Brain mummia 
  3. Transylvanian decoction 
  4. tincture of Dis 
  5. angel tears 
  6. Murderer's Last Breath 
4. Delicacies and Confections: sought by only by gourmands with jaded palates and strong stomachs
  1. Lotus nectar (black) 
  2. dinosaur steak 
  3. Spawn of Shub-Niggurath fruit 
  4. deactivated pudding (dolm) 
  5. demon flesh 
  6. Deep One liver 
5. Textiles and Adornments: beloved by the tailors of New Londinium' Silken Avenue 
  1. Jungle Ant Carapace 
  2. Dinosaur Leather 
  3. Angel Feathers 
  4. Lotus Pigment 
  5. Fairy-silk 
  6. Demon Ivory 
6. Liquor and Drugs: proprietors of New Londinium's salons and opium dens would quite literally kill for a supply of these
  1. Soulwine (damned) 
  2. Angel Sweat 
  3. Lotus Liqueur 
  4. Powdered Shoggoth 
  5. Ichor of Gloriana 
  6. Houndsblood

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