Thursday, March 13, 2014

Witch 2.0

Finally got to playtest the my LotFP-ified Warlock class in Akenia's Spire of Asmodal. I think the core idea works, but I suspect the class as written would remove some of the need to plan carefully at lower levels and scale poorly with level. At level 1, it makes sense that for a witch to struggle to magic open a door, but at level 20, they should be able to at least try to throw around boulders. 
final fantasy xiv
 HP and experience as Cleric; saves and weapon and armor restrictions as magic-user

All witches have a wand, which they need to cast spells. They can cast spells as many times as they wish, and casting a spell takes the same amount of time as attacking in combat. The range of a witch's spells is equal to 20*level feet. A spell can replicate the effect of any simple weapon, tool, or mechanical object, such as a torch, grappling hook, bow and arrow, or ladder. Players must describe what a spell actually looks like.

Witches start with a 1 in 6 chance of successfully casting any given spell, and if they fail a spell, they must wait 1 round (10 min) before they can try it again. They can allocate spell points to a spell in order to increase its odds of success. Witches start with 4 spell points, and gain 2 more every level. The list of spells is not set; players can invent them, as long as they fit the parameters for witch magic stated above. 

The maximum number of spells a witch can have active at one time is half level, rounded up. Otherwise, spells last until dismissed. If a spell involves particularly strong resistance on the part of the target, the Witch must make a Charisma check with a bonus equal to their level.
Sample Spell List
Aegis (shield)
Ascendance (pulley)
Adherence (rope or chain)
Attraction (grappling hook)
Destruction (bow and arrow)
Incandescence (torch)
Inscription (marker)
Quicken (roller skates)
Repulsion (pole)

If you find skill points too fussy, just use the Elf skill progression for Search as the skill for all witch spells, the way Tales of the Grotesque and Dungeonesque uses Hear Noise column for all thief abilities.

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