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Who Art In Spaceships

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In Pernicious Albion, the Space Aliens have been replaced by the Grigori, a host of angels exiled from the heavens for reasons unknown, possibly even to them. 
George Frederick Watts
They are led by the angel known as Throne, who ate his own name to conceal it from sorcerers. He is trying to find a way to earn back the Grigori's place in heaven through virtuous acts, but because he is thinking for himself for the first time since Creation and because his brain is slowly being cooked by gamma radiation, the Grigori's virtue sometimes manifests itself in erratic and/or homicidal ways. However, the Grigori are still angels, and will never allow what they perceive to be harm to befall anyone they perceive to be innocent. 

alien abduction
Adventurers sometimes encounter the lost or abandoned weaponry of the Grigori, who do not appreciate thieves. Stats are written for World of Dungeons, but I have included rough conversions for DnD-like games. All angelic weaponry has a range of 300 feet and deals +d6 damage to demons and the undead.

Former Owner (no angel of the First or Second Sphere has been exiled). More powerful weapons means a more powerful owner, who will go to great lengths to get it back.
1.       Missing. Roll again on this table to determine damage.
2.      Angel of the Third Sphere. Device deals  3d6 damage
3.      Angel of the Fourth Sphere. Device deals 2d6 damage
4.      Angel of the Fifth Sphere. Device deals 1d6+3 damage
5.      Angel of the Sixth Sphere. Device deals 1d6+2 damage
6.      Angel of the Seventh Sphere. Device deals 1d6+1 damage

1.       Hierogram, to be embedded in wielder’s palm
2.      Trumpet, 1 handed
3.      Crosier, 2 handed
4.      Icon, human sized
5.      Giant Armor, 5 Armor/18 AC, piloted 

6.      Chariot, piloted  

1. 1d6 uses
2. 2d6 uses
3. 3d6 uses
4. 4d6 uses
5. 5d6 uses
6. 6d6 uses
Adorned with...
1.       Beautiful Wings
2.      Exquisite Faces
3.      Slender Hands
4.      Watchful Eyes
5.      Heavenly Verse
6.      Celestial Diagrams

Wrought from... (roll twice)
1.       Gold
2.      Silver
3.      Platinum
4.      Jet
5.      Ivory
6.      Alabaster

Medium. Vanishes after impact
1.       Radiant Flame
2.      Brilliant Arrows
3.      Spears of Lightning
4.      Invisible Force
5.      Shining Spheres
6.      Spirals of Molten Gold

1.       Medium plummets from heavens to target (doesn't work inside, but will ruin the roof)
2.      Medium launches in a straight line from device
3.      Medium issues in a cone shape from device
4.      Medium erupts from target's orifices
5.      Medium erupts from ground beneath target (can't strike high-flying targets)
6.      Medium forms a circle around user, than lashes outward

Miraculous Properties
Each device has a 1 in 6 chance of having one of the following:
1.       Survivors of this weapon’s attack are branded with a sigil that prevents them from lying
2.      This weapon can take on the shape and properties of any melee weapon at the will of its wielder
3.      Wielder can sacrifice this device to bring the recently dead to life, though there are side-effects
4.      Those slayed by this weapon have a 1 in 6 chance of returning as 1 HP cherubs loyal to the wielder
5.      Wielder can use this device to summon any angel whose true name they know
6.      If the wielder defeats or finds the device’s original owner, they can call upon the angel’s domain/cast a single cleric spell once a day.

Bayonetta concept art

WoD to DnD-ish damage conversion

WoD damage
DnD Damage

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