Tuesday, March 25, 2014

For the Creation of Decadent Noble Clans

My Secret Santicore submission, now automated for your convenience.

  1. Adelphus
  2. Cavendish
  3. Cromlech
  4. Crowley
  5. Gladstone
  6. Herpetou
  7. Lascelle
  8. Prestor
  9. Salazar
  10. Savile
  1. Bound to a demon by pacts most ancient and foul
  2. Caper and cavort in wicked midnight bacchanals
  3. Prophesied to bring about terrible catastrophe
  4. Ruled by a cabal of vampires
  5. Plan to overturn the rightful ruler of the land
  6. Participating in a conspiracy of centennial length and ecumenical proportions
  7. Desire to resurrect their inhuman clan progenitor
  8. Bloodline bears a terrible disease
  9. Dream every night of mighty conflagration and unending flood
  10. Patriarch is actually a woman
Source of Power
  1. Ties to Church
  2. Sheer privilege
  3. Scholarly talent
  4. Organized crime
  5. Ties to government
  6. Military might
  7. Sorcery
  8. Popular support
  9. Banking
  10. Business
  1. Ruled by grotesque appetites and uncanny predilections
  2. Cheerfully inbred moron
  3. Avuncular, seasoned statesman; loves them some prostitutes
  4. Oscillates between mostly kindly pragmatism and frothing psychopathy
  5. Megalomaniacal genius with childlike sensibilities
  6. Child kept on short leash by manipulative handlers
  7. Seized by Byronic melancholy; addicted to opium; writes terrible poetry
  8. A sorcerer of prodigious talent and boundless ambition
  9. Saintly sense of morals with sinister bearing; is squeaky clean despite everyone’s suspicions
  10. Innumerable, public affairs make for endless rumor-mill grist; loathed by spouse
  1. Longtime allies of…
  2. Leader in love with head of…
  3. Ancient rivals of…
  4. Shadow war with…
  5. Secret treaty with…
  6. Wants a political marriage with…
  7. Seeks to utterly destroy…
  8. Attempting hostile takeover of…
  9. Owes a big favor to…
  10. Petty grudge against…
  1. Gilt palace riddled with chapels
  2. Decrepit manor surrounded by toiling peasants
  3. Frigid northern castle
  4. Contemporary urban estate
  5. Dour converted abbey
  6. Imposing mountain fortress
  7. Gothic monstrosity out in the forest
  8. Abominably gauche rococo estate
  9. Classical lakeside villa
  10. Sepulcral subterranean complex
  1. Valuable but illiquid holdings
  2. Wealthy, but not for long
  3. Massive reserves, little income
  4. Steady cash flow
  5. Middling wealth, lots of embezzlement
  6. Razor thin margins
  7. Impoverished
  8. Nobody’s sure, exactly
  9. Incalculably wealthy
  10. Make a lot, spend a lot
Dubious Allies
  1. Elite mercenaries wearing crow’s head helmets
  2. The Beldame, a virtuoso assassin with a thing for needles
  3. The Magus Bashool, a necromancer of questionable loyalties and troubling ethics
  4. Pack of half-starved, semi-trained, and uncannily sapient wolves
  5. Red Madama, an insane butterfly demon
  6. King of Knots, gallows-spirit and malign ghost of a long dead monarch
  7. Rompa, shark-toothed sea giant who has power over ice
  8. Trugulore and Choss, Attorneys-At-Brawl
  9. No-Face Man, can crawl through mirrors and dreams
  10. Unnamed rogue angel; once held power over mercy, now seriously reconsidering


  1. This is really cool. Having just read "Scenic Dunnsmouth", I'm struck that you could use this table to construct four houses and then use a deck of cards to populate a town or region or relationship map with members of those houses.