Sunday, December 29, 2013

Pernicious Albion Character Creation

Character creation is exactly the same as Lamentation of the Flame Princess, except that you pick a bloodline and choose from the following classes. You can assign attribute scores as you wish, but you can't reroll attributes if the modifiers are negative.

All Pernicious PCs are approximately human, but there are several variations on that theme.
  1. New Londoner: You are from the city of New Londinium. Your cosmopolitan upbringing (and proximity to a slightly radioactive knowledge-goddess) has given you a talent for languages; you have +2 to your Languages skill
  2. Briton: You are from one of the chieftaincies beyond the grasp of New Londinium's rulers. Your people made pacts with the spirits of the wild long ago; you can use your Bushcraft as Languages when attempting to communicate with animals.
  3. Roman: The Empire had a rich tradition of poorly conceived sorcerous experiments. It is this fact that deposited Albion into the middle of Carcosa, and it is this fact that infused the blood of all Romans with a lingering taint of undeath. You can cast Speak With Dead 1/day.
  4. Deep One: You are descended from one of the marine monstrosities from far beneath Albion's seas and lakes. As you are some sort of hybrid between fish and human (the specifics of how this looks is up to you), you can move with equal speed through water and over land, and you can breathe underwater. 
  5. Tiefling: You are descended from one of the soldiers that took part in Hell's semisuccessful invasion attempt a century ago. You can ignite a fist-sized flame in the palm of your hand at will. You can throw it or thrust it at your enemies to deal d4 damage. It lasts for 1 turn after it leaves your hand, sheds flickering light, and otherwise acts like a regular flame. 
  6. Changeling: You are descended from a bona fide fairy. You cannot utter a lie. Any promise made to you cannot be broken, and you cannot violate any oath you swear.
  7. Nephilim: You are descended from the race of giants born when exiled angels bred with humans. You are 6 to 8 feet tall and have a +1 to your Strength modifier. 
  8. Human: you and your ancestors are (rather improbably) unwarped by the magics, radiations, and influences of Carcosa, which makes you sensitive to malign presences. You can Detect Evil at will.

Cleric of The Grigori

  1. Cleric or Druid: as Lamentations of the Flame Princess Cleric. You are a priest, druid, or prophet for one of the gods or goddesses of Albion. You have access to 3 miracles (which depend on your deity), and you can cast them without preparing.
    1. Her Majesty Gloriana: Queen of Albion, Supreme Governor of New Londinium, Sovereign Goddess of Forbidden Knowledge and Black Magicks
      father dagon. by roryrory, distributed under creative commons
    2. Father Dagon: Patron of Deep Seas and the Beasts Therein
    3. Cernunnos: Horned God of Hunt and Wild
    4. The Morrigan: Black-winged Goddess of Crows and War
    5. Desdemona: Princess-Diabolic of the Iron City of Dis and General of the Infernal Expeditionary Army
    6. The Grigori: The Watchers, The Angels-In-Exile, The Banished Council, Fathers of Giants and Artifice
  2. Magician: as Lamentations of the Flame Princess Magic-User. You start with 4 random spells in your spellbook.
    a gentleman magician
  3. Fairy-Knight: as Lamentations of the Flame Princess Elf. You have sworn yourself into service for one of the great fairies of Albion. You are skilled at both magic and combat; you start with knowledge of 2 spells (which depend on your liege) and can cast any spell you know.
    fairy-knight of rose
    1. King of Roses Red: Fair Monarch of that Land Known as Earth and All Denizens of its Surface and Interior, Liege to the Knights of Rose and Knights of the Thorn
    2. The Regent of Midnight and Noon: Seneschal of All Hours, Steward of the House of Death, Lord of the Tower at the End of the World, Liege of the Knights Chronic
    3. Morgaine: Sorceress Supreme, Mother of All Witches, Sister of All Spiders, Keeper of the Last Breath of the True King, Founder of the Dark Knights
    4. Gogma, the Last and Most Splendid of the Sea Giants, Mistress of the Castle Glaces, Benefactress of the Knights Undulant
  4. Fighter: as Lamentations of the Flame Princess Fighter. 
    fighter veteran
  5. Paladin: XP as Magic User, HP, Saves, and Spell Progression as Cleric; Attack Bonus as Fighter. You are a warrior who has taken holy vows to fight for one of Albion's deities.
    1. Pick a deity from the Cleric list

  6. Specialist: as LotFP Specialist
    there are so many knives in that hat
  7. Wildling: HP as Dwarf. Skills, XP, and Saves as Halfling. You have learned to survive in the strange wilderness outside the walls of New Londinium. You can withstand more punishment than any other class.
    a wildling who is totally about to save vs death