Monday, November 4, 2013

Post-Anglican Nightmare

I want to run a World of Dungeons city crawl. I like WoD because it is so simple; statting up and running monsters is more about thinking over how they act and what they do instead of figuring out a bunch of attributes.

New Londinium is the oldest, grandest, and most horrible city in the world. Its districts and wards are innumerable and ancient, and some are more wild than the gently irradiated wasteland outside its walls.
Hector Lascelle is a tinpot demiurge, and he has claimed the District of Paradise as his own. Nobody lives there anymore, save for Hector and his creations, attempts at recreating the spirits and divinities of Albion from before it went sour. Some say he is building a deity deep in his workshop; others claim he is constructing an artificial Hell to match his shoddy Heaven. Regardless, the most visible fruits of Hector's labor are the strange, squalid angels he uses to police Paradise's border, as well as steal supplies from neighboring districts.

Chimaerical Servitor: child-sized angel simulacrum with the body of preserved dog and the dirty grey wings of a taxidermied pigeon. Wears a cracked porcelain mask depicting a fat baby face. Carries a rhinestone-studded bow and fire gangrenous arrows made of anything it can get its little wire hands on.

HP: 6
Armor: None
Damage: d6-1
Ability: Can shriek, fly quickly if clumsily, loves to steal 

Leaden Perdition: their enormous faces are cast masks of terrible suffering, and their giant simian hands promise terrible violence. In the chest of every Leaden Perdition is a slowly spinning wax cylinder, playing a song that un-makes, un-knits, and generally un-happens everything in earshot. Nails shiver out of boards, cloth begins to fray, and flesh slowly unwinds off of bone. This also affects the Perdition itself, though if the cylinder stops spinning or is destroyed, the construct ceases to function.

HP: 15
Armor: 3
Damage: d6+2
Ability: 10 foot tall leaden monstrosity; deals 1 damage/round to everything in earshot, armor does not defend against it; slowly damages all inanimate objects nearby 

Brazen Herald: stooped and lanky and made of brass and leather. Wears an apparatus of ropes and hooks and springs that it uses to yank itself across the district. It possesses a thunderous voice, which it uses to report the location of interlopers to all that can hear. 

HP: 6
Armor: 1
Damage: d6+1 melee/d6 ranged
Ability: Can launch a harpoon or grappling hook at will, towards a wall, ledge, or enemy. Can try to pull struck enemies towards it, but may find itself pulled by strong or heavy targets. 

Argent Diluvium: serpentine figure of silver wire and filigree. Generally lives in the canals and sewers of Paradise, but when it winds its way onto land, can summon a temporary flood of seawater.

HP: 10
Armor: 2
Damage: d6+1
Ability: Submerse the immediate area in 10 feet of seawater, even when it should immediately drain away. The barrier between flooded area and dry land is a gradually thickening mist of brine. 

Golden Rapture: human skeletons wrapped with golden wire; fly overhead on peacock wings. Can create Chimaerical Servitors from nearby refuse, as well as incapacitate with false visions of Providence.

HP: 8
Armor: 2
Damage: d6 (beams of golden light)
Ability: summon Chimaerical Servitors (1 at a time); stun for 1 round target that fails Wisdom check