Monday, October 21, 2013

Eschatological Conspiracy for a New Age

I just heard about a game called Nephilim. I only know its most basic premise, but this is what I am filling in the gaps with.
  1. All text in a small Kansan town is replaced with the Tetragrammaton, written in tiny letters over and over again.
  2. A small meteorite crashes into the center of Time Square. It is a figurine of Baphomet.
  3. Graffiti versions of the Eye of Providence start popping up all over Miami, just as a large number of people start to disappear
  4. Everyone in Seattle dreams the same dream every night. They can't remember the details, but it involves a great deal of fire.
  5. All of the goats in the tri-state area have vanished.
  6. A genetics researcher is in a bit of trouble. They thought they were developing extra-wooly sheep, but now the lambs speak, and do so with the voice of mulitudes
  7. A meteorologically improbable hurricane hits Florida, and there are reports that it is raining snakes in the worst of it.
  8. Milk and honey are oozing out of the ground in northern California.
  9. All the children in a small North Dakotan town are speaking a strange language no one understands. A school teacher thinks it might be Greek.
  10. A band called the Whores of Babylon just reached the Top 40 list. No one knows who they are or where they came from, but everyone sure likes their music.
  11. An oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico detonates. Rescue teams find an unidentifiable piece of red metal with the word Malebolge engraved into it.
  12. There's a fire-and-brimstone cultist gaining a following in Ohio. His message is the same old story, but his son's name is Adrammelech.

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  1. The land of milk and honey is fantastic. Think of the smell. Think of the ants.