Sunday, August 11, 2013

So It Shall Be

Spirits for a Summoner to make pacts with. All spirit abilities are in addition to casting spells.

First Order spirits can neither cast spells while in contact with salt nor cross a line of salt.
  • Ignis Fatuus: can ignite flammable objects with a touch
  • Familiar: can turn into any mundane creature cat-sized or smaller
  • Goblin: can eat anything horse-sized or smaller
  • Great Stag: Carries 1 passenger. Moves three times as fast as an unencumbered human
  • Nosferatu: -1 to enemy morale rolls

Second Order spirits cannot cast spells while in contact with rowan wood.
  • Carmilla: recovers half damage dealt as HP
  • Cynocephalus: can assume the likeness of any human it or the Summoner has seen
  • Homunculus: can use equipment like a PC
  • Juggernaut: Carries 2 passengers. +2 AC to everyone on its back
  • Troll: 20 AC when guarding something

Third Order spirits cannot casts spells while in contact with cold iron, and take double damage from cold iron weapons.
  • Bahamut: Carries 3 passengers. Great serpentine fish, mobile in land and sea
  • Husk: Summoner can possess it, controlling it directly as their own body lies helpless.
  • Lamia: can command snakes
  • Roc: +3 to grapple checks; can fly
  • Undine: nearby allies can breathe underwater

Fourth Order spirits cannot cast spells while in contact with silver and take double damage from silver weapons.
  • Behemoth: can trample enemies for d10 damage
  • Ifrit: attack with flame, dealing d10 damage to all enemies in a 100 foot line
  • Dryad: allies that spend all their time in its presence heal d4 HP per day
  • Marid: any ship it is on will not sink due to natural storms
  • Wicker Man: carries 4 passengers, who are immune to all damage except fire

Fifth Order spirits do not have a particular weakness.
  • Colossus: +d12 damage
  • Dragon: Carries 5 passengers. Also flies
  • Dracula: can turn into a great swarm of bats (attack all enemies in cloud)
  • Revenant: Can possess the remains of creatures of up to 10 HD, gaining their abilities 
  • Seraph: can learn 5th level Cleric spells

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