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Necromancers of the Unknown

EDIT: Super awesome automagic generator here

Isle of the Unknown's magic-users are okay I guess but I like Logan Knight's idea of making a crazy undead Island of the It's Unknown Why Anyone Would Come Here so here are some necromancer tables.

Necromancers are all Magic-Users with 2d8 HD. Their saves are 12 minus half level. They have 1 random spell per available spell level. Like the Isle's vampires, they might have use for adventurers, so roll on a reaction table  if you have one.

From Viewtiful Joe
by Harry Clarke

This necromancer's source of power is
1. A wheezing wheeled calliope. Its disturbing music must reach the dead for it to raise them.
2. A room-sized mechanism of cedar and black metal. Their magic only works within a 10 mile radius. 
3. A kiln. Reanimate earthly remains by placing them in its cool black flame.
4. A book bound in gold. Must read directly from its pages to work their magic.
5. A silver-gilt hookah. Breathing its smoke into the faces of the weak-willed transforms them into shambling servants
6. Red candles. If placed on a grave or tombstone and burned, it reanimates all those buried below.
7. Tarnished silver coins. If placed in the mouth of someone recently deceased, it creates a powerful form of undead, but there are only twelve, numbered with Roman numerals.
8. A wand twined with asphodel. Stolen from the King of the Dead; can raise the dead with memory intact.
9. An ebony and silver pocketwatch. Raises all dead in sight, but permanently returns them to a peaceful afterlife after 12 hours.
10. A crude bronze knife. Anyone killed with this knife will rise again as a loyal zombie servitor
11. Parasitic orchids. Infest skeletons and the recently deceased; animation is sustained with sunlight
12. A bone signet ring. Any remains affixed with a wax seal bearing its symbol rise again, but fall if the seal is destroyed or removed.

This necromancer wears
1. A suit of armor made from bones
2. Nothing but swirling tattoos
3. Stilts
4. A peacock-feathered coat
5.  Black and red ritual vestments
6. Ceremonial garb carved from jade
7. clawed prostheses of wood and ivory (1-4 random limbs)
8. A crow mask
9. A mask shaped like a rose blossom
10. a tooth-studded cloak
11.  A spider head mask
12. heavy gold jewelry
13. knives strapped to every part of their body
14. body piercings everywhere
15. a swarm of live hummingbirds, attached to their clothes with tiny chains
16.  long white gloves
17. a blond wig
18. an electric green ballroom gown
19. a little black dress
20. a domino mask

This necromancer's servant(s) is/are
1. A murder of crows.
2. A pack of wolves.
3. Thirteen crude clay idols, human shaped and the size of a child.
4.  2d6 ex-bandits, each bound to service with a sigil tattooed to their chest
5.  an elderly butler in traditional garbs
6. an axe-wielding brute, who always wears a cowl
7. a swarm of rats.
8.  Six stone gargoyles.
9. a man with the head of a wolf. 
10. an easy to replenish swarm of razor-edged origami spiders
The servants' special ability is
1. The necromancer can see through their eyes and speak through their mouth
2. They can disguise themselves as an unassuming human
3. They can disguise themelves as statues
4. They can spread disease
5. They are master poisoners/terribly venomous
6. They can fly through the air wildly, on great gusts of wind
7.  They can draw on the necromancer's memorized spells in times of need
8. They are immune to mundane weapons.

This necromancer's magic fails in the presence of/contact with
1. The sound of iron bells
2. Sunlight
3. Moonlight
4. Rowan wood
5. A holy relic
6. a hamsa
7.  recitation of the Prayer of St. Apollinaire
8.  holy water
9.  wolfsbane
10. a crowing rooster 

from Twilight Princess

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  1. Mmmm necrolicious.
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