Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Horticulture of the Unknown

There are a crazy number of magic statues in Isle of the Unknown, so I want to have several different location replacements to make things more varied. Having dozens and dozens of graveyards is a bit much, even for an awful zombie island.
Tree by blmiers2 on Flickr. Creative Commons license.
A single tree has 1d6 pieces of fruit/usable pieces of wood/doses of sap. Fruit goes bad in 3d6 days, unless somehow preserved.
  1. Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil: transplant stolen from an abandoned paradise. Whoever eats its fruit can choose to become a Chaotic Level 1 Cleric, keeping all of their other attributes and abilities, but never again leveling up in their old class.
  2. Tree of Life: another tree snatched from the First Garden. Whoever eats its fruit no longer ages, naturally or magically, but can still die from sickness, violence, and poison. They will be hated by all holy people and creatures.
  3. Skull Peach Tree: peach tree planted on the site of a terrible massacre. Bears large, succulent fruit with pits shaped like human skulls. If eaten, the peaches causes 24 hours of temporary undeath (Curing magic harms, harming magic heals, sunlight deals d4 damage a round, Turn Undead works, and non-sentient undead ignore unless attacked). The pits are valued by sorcerers of all sorts.
  4. Wormwood is a fruit-bearing tree on the Isle of the Undead. It is a supernaturally powerful purgative; whoever eats its berries is beset by sweating, weeping, and vomiting (lasts d20 rounds, no save). However, it also removes all poisons and tainted food from the victim's system, even if they have already begun to take effect.
  5. Ebon Apple Tree: Completely, perfectly matte black apple tree. Whoever eats this apple can make a Saving Throw against the next hostile spell cast on them. If it would allow for a saving throw anyway, they can make two.
  6. Sin Fig: fig tree with a tap root reaching down into Hell. Eating one of its figs causes d6 damage to Wisdom, and an equal increase to a single random attribute that isn't Wisdom.
  7. Spitefruit: pale green fruit with a bitter, stringy pulp. Resents being eaten. Those who do so have the fruit's personality take up residence in their brain. It performs petty crimes when they sleep.
  8. Greater Driftwood: piece of driftwood brought to false life with necromancy. Instruments made from its wood can attract or repel the undead, especially the drowned.
  9. Jackal Pear: eating a Jackal Pear turns a person's head into that of a wild dog. Does not interfere with speech; gives them an acute sense of smell but a sensitivity to sound.
  10. Tree of Idol: Grown up around a pagan idol. Someone who possesses a part of the tree can ask the heathen spirit a question about (1-Necromancy; 2-Vampirism; 3-The History of the Isle; 4-Dragons; 5-The Old Gods; 6-Nature) but there is a 1 in 6 chance it will tell a destructive lie and a separate 1 in 6 chance it will demand recompense.
  11. Mandragora: Planted on the grave of a criminal. Screams when cut. If a doll is carved from its wood, it will serve as a loyal, if barely sane, familiar. Its consciousness is formed from a dead man's id. Name (1-Phfuck; 2-Plop; 3- Corn Nut; 4- Diggum; 5-Chico; 6- Chicken Dinner)
  12. Dark Mulberry: its berries are unremarkable, but silk produced by the worms that feed on this tree has a shadowy, dim quality, giving those who wear it a +1 to Stealth rolls (or +15% if you aren't using an x in 6 system)
  13. Ootalisk Cedar: Cultivar from  the Fossil City of Ootalisk. A mask fashioned from its wood allows the wearer to speak an additional language; each tree is associated with a different tongue.
  14. Tenebrous Myrrh: produces a dark incense beloved by liches and vampires. Went burnt, this tree's resin creates a rich black smoke that smothers all light it touches, regardless of intensity or source.
  15. Acanthus Gum Tree: its sap is as addictive as it is dangerous. Every time after the first time someone has consumed acanthus sap, they must Save vs Poison or be addicted. Once addicted, they lose 1 point of Strength and 1 point of Wisdom for every day they do not consume at least 1 dose of acanthus sap. Every time someone consumes the sap, they recover lost attributes due to withdrawal, and must Save vs Poison or be changed by the drug, gaining +1 cumulative to AC and -1 cumulative to Dexterity as their skin becomes gnarled and bark-like. If their Dexterity reaches 0 they turn into an Acanthus Gum Tree.
  16. Rose Tree: Plucking a rose from this tree summons a Knight of the Rose (Level 5 fighter, platemail, longsword). The summoner can give the Knight a single task, which they will carry out unerringly, but if they die in the line of duty, the will return as a far more dangerous Knight of the Thorn to extract revenge upon their former master.
  17. Suntree: a tree killed and then reanimated with unsavory magic. Produces chloroplasm, a substance that can bring the wounded and ill back from the brink of death. Has many exciting side effects.
  18. Petrified Tree: trapped inside ever petrified tree on the Isle is a skeletal sage, who, if rescued, will truthfully answer a single question out of gratitude. Aside from this, they are all terribly wicked, and capable of the greatest of perfidy.
  19. Revenant Grove: Circle of twisted black trees. Anyone buried amongst them will rise again as a cruel and powerful wight.
  20. Barrow Tree: enormous redwood planted over a barrow. If killed or removed, the ancient king or queen buried inside will break free from their bindings and attempt to reform their kingdom. 

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