Sunday, July 7, 2013

Graveyards of the Unknown

Not a huge fan of the magic statues from the Isle of the Unknown. They start to feel a same after a while, especially because there are so many of them. So I am replacing them with several different kinds of locations, the first being graveyards.

by Zdzisław Beksiński

The dead and buried
1-90: 2d100 regular humans
91: d1000 regular humans
92: 2d12 demons
93: 2d10 dragons
94: d10 members of a race of antediluvian giants
95: d6 demigods
96: d20 infamous murderers
97: d4 wicked sages
98: 2d6 martyred saints
99. 2d100 empty graves
100. 2d100 zombies, trapped in their coffins 

The atmosphere
1. Hideous Gothic confection: spikes and gargoyles and gurning cherubs, lots of mist
2. Uncanny. Gaunt angels with too many limbs, eyes and hands and mouths carved everywhere. Quiet voices on the wind.
3. Orderly. Smooth gravestones on a manicured lawn.
4. Decrepit. Illegible and crumbling gravestones, partially dug-up graves, scattered bones.
5. Verdant. Grass, flowers, creeping vines, trees.
6. Withered. Packed, dry ground. Dead trees. Blowing dust.
7.  Religious. Crosses everywhere, church in the center. Statues of angels and saints.
8. Occupied. Houses among the tombs.
What lives unlives is loose in this graveyard?
1: Pack of wolves, living with a commune of feral huners.
2: Magic-users training to become bona fide necromancers
4: An assassin cult
5: A merchant from the Lands of the Dead, with his spectral guards
6: Grave-digging bandit gang
7:  A Vampire and its charmed servants
8: An adept Necromancer. 1 in 6 chance they have established themselves and started raising the graveyard's inhabitants.
9: A Warrior-Priest(ess) and a cult of fervid followers, guarding against looters and witches
10: Roll twice. They're fighting!

What is important here ?
1. A necromantic source of power, unclaimed and quiescent
2. A gate to the Lands of the Dead, hidden in a mausoleum
3. A chest with d6*1000 pieces of gold, guarded by vicious ghosts
4.  A noble, kidnapped and placed in suspended animation until the ransom is paid
5.  A garden of black and purple lotus
6.  A single dose of a cure for vampirism
7.  A book explaining how to escape the Isle of the Undead
8.  A spell that banishes the souls of the dead permanently
9. The deed to an abandoned estate
10. A powerful war golem, waiting for a new master

What's under this tombstone?
1-90: A body
91. A coffin filled with buzzing flies
92. A body, its head replaced with a birdcage containing a live crow
93. The body of the last NPC you talked to
94. d6*1000 pieces of cursed gold
95. A spellbook
96. A Vatic Mummy
97. d100 human hands
98. A deep shaft with a ladder
99. A young man or woman, alive. Theirs is the name inscribed on the tombstone, but they have no other memories,
100. Lich!

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