Friday, July 5, 2013

Crusaders of the Unknown

Isle of the Unknown's clerics, like its magic-users, are okay. But for Isle of the Unknowndead, I want more bloody-minded eccentricity. 

Clerics have 1d12 levels. Their saves are 12-half level. They know one spell of each spell level they can cast. All clerics hate, in descending order (1) undead (2) non-clerics (3) non-believers. They only hate non-believers enough to work work with them under some circumstances.

by Edwin Howland Blashfield
This cleric's title
 The (A) (B) of (C)
1. Glorious
2. Resplendent
3. Radiant
4. Miraculous 
5. Wrathful
6. Beneficent
7. Ascendant
8. Merciful
9. First
10. Golden 

1. Face
2. Crown
3. Throne
4. Hand
5. Daughter
6. Son
7. Sword
8. Eye
9.  Tongue
10. Servant

1. Heaven
2. God
3. the Angels
4. the Saints
5. the Gate
6. the Goddess
7. the Sun
8. the Moon
9. the King
10. the Queen

The flavor of their fervor
Clerics with the same doctrine consider each other to be heretics of the worst sort.
1. Cleanliness is next to deviltry.
2. All magic (other than their own miracles) is evil, and witches must be burnt
3. Fire is the face of God
4. Dance and song (aside from hymns, of course) are a sign of dangerously loose morals
6. The infidel should be converted, and, failing that, slain.
7. Vow of silence
8. Never cut any hair
9. Clothes are a sign of weak moral character
10. Burn incense at all times
11. Believers must never show their face
12. They are the Chosen One, and God speaks to them personally
13.  The End is nigh, and must be hastened
14. Heal the sick and care for the wounded
15. Lies to non-believers are not sinful
16. God loves the powerful and hates the weak
17. Wealth is a barrier to salvation
18. Those who tolerate evil are evil themselves
19. The world has already ended.
20. The Flood is coming.

Their miracle
1. They need neither sleep nor sustenance
2. Fire cannot harm them
3. None may lie in their presence
4. Their voice sounds like a heavenly choir
5. They cannot drown
6. Though they never seem to walk faster than a stately amble, their overland travel speed is four times as fast as an unencumbered person walking on a road, regardless of terrain
7. They can hurl bolts of lightning
8. Trees, bushes, and crops yield their fruit instantly at the cleric's will
9. The can create golems using the language of God
10. They can command animals

The vestments they wear
1. A shining suit of golden plate
2. A flowing robe, embroidered with images of dying martyrs
3. Leaves and drying mud, plastered onto their body
4. A stinking cilice
5. A towering miter, adorned with jewels
6.  A simple, stained cassock
7. A  tabard over a coat of chain
8. Most of a bear
9. Bull horn headdress
10. the death-mask of a saint
11. a clerical collar
12. A halo, strapped to the back of their head
13. A ragged cloak
14. Filthy remains of the extravagant clothes they were wearing the moment they heard God
15. A wimple and habit
16. a woolen loincloth
17. a number of diaphanous veils, obscuring their face
18. flowing white robes and a golden sash
19. Angels tattooed all over their body
20. ritual scarification

The weapons they bear
1. A bladed crosier
2. An actual shepherd's crook
3. A longsword with the image of an eye set into the hilt
4.  A deep black (1-spear; 2-sword; 3-mace; 4-dagger) seized from a slain demon
5. A revolver, inscribed with passages from holy writ
6. a dagger, carved from a saint's thighbone
7. A massive, weighted aspergilium
8. A coal-powered contraption that sprays gouts of super-heated holy water
9. A spear forged from metal fallen from heaven
10. A shining silver bow, stolen from a pagan goddess
11. A bow and 7 heavenly arrows, (allegedly) fletched with feathers donated by an angel
12. Frothing fury; they deal d12 damage with their teeth and bare hands
13. The axe that executed an infamous heretic
14. An red-bladed sword forged in the flames burning books and quenched in the blood of the faithless
15. Nothing; they are an avowed pacifist and seek only to evangelize 
16. A small cannon on a cart
17. 2d10 grenados, confiscated from an alchemist
18. a scourge, once used for self-mortification
19. A war-fan flabellum
20. A thurible ball-and-chain

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