Thursday, June 6, 2013

Bossa Nova character creation

Character  creation for my upcoming game.

Inspiration: Clive Barker's  Abarat, Boktai, True Grit, Bum Rush The Titan's alignment system

I should mention this post is actually based on the format of Bum Rush The Titan's character creation process.

Base Rules: Lamentation of the Flame Princess, available for free
Roll 3d6 in order, then swap 2 attributes of your choice. 


Pick Day, Night, or Twilight.
Alignment impacts how certain kinds of magic affect your character, and is an indication of roughly where you character is from; northern islands tend to belong to Night while southern islands are ruled by Day. Alignment also impacts how organizations treat you as a member. Most people don’t care what alignment you are.

Day: Knights of Noon, House del Sol
Twilight: Twilit Desperados, House Vespers
Night: Midnight Banditos, House of Nocturne

You know a number of languages in addition to Common equal to your Intelligence modifier (minimum 0).  
High Tenebraic: Dead language spoken by a long-fallen empire of Night. Common in ruins, on magical objects, and in scholarly settings
Hieric: language of the aristocracy of Day.
Low Gloaming: language of dark monsters and demons
Thalassic: native tongue of the undine and sea monsters
Febrific: language of madmen, and fiery monsters and devils
Azur: thieves’ cant, liturgical language of the Lord of the Blue Hour

If you want to play something weird like a mermaid or a dragon or a robot, let me know.

Beast Child
HP and Saves as Fighter, XP as Magic-User
photo of Leonor Fini

Beast Children can turn into creatures. In order to be able to turn into a creature, a Beast Child must possess a trophy, acquired by defeating the creature in a fight, such as a scale, fang, or piece of hide. The creature can be of any level.
A Beast Child can have a number of forms equal to their level. If they exceed this limit, they must choose forms to lose, and discard the corresponding trophy. Once a trophy is discarded, the Beast Child cannot use it to change forms. They can, however,  acquire a replacement later. Trophies only count towards this limit if the Beast Child is high enough level to use them. Otherwise, they can be saved until the Beast Child has enough experience.

When a Beast Child changes shape, all of their equipment transforms with them, and can only be accessed when the Child is in their human shape. Only equipment a Beast Child can carry transforms with them; anything that brings them over the encumbrance limit stays as it is.

Beast Children can transform as much as they like. It takes a full turn to turn into a creature. When in the form of a creature, Beast Children:
  • Keep their max and current HP, saving throws and attack bonus,
  • Keep their Intelligence, Charisma, and Wisdom
  • Gain the Strength, Constitution, Dexterity, and AC of the creature
  • Gain any special abilities the creature possesses
  • Can speak with any other creature of the same type, unless that requires you to gain a listed language.

Just like the LotFP Cleric, except for the following. Instead of standard spell progression, you can cast Level + Wisdom modifier spell levels worth of spells per day. Gods are Lady Midday, Mother Midnight, and the Lord of the Blue Hour, but you can make your own.  You start with 3 random spells.

Just like LotFP

Just like the LotFP Magic-User, except for the following. Instead of standard spell progression, you can cast Level + Int mod spell levels worth of spells per day. You still need to memorize them. You also must come up with a better class name than “Magic-User”. You start with 4 random spells in your spellbook.

HP as Fighter, Saves and XP progression as Cleric  

Summoners call forth and bind spirits. Doing so requires sacrifice—they must wound themselves for d4 damage to call forth a spirit with 1 HP, +0 Attack Bonus, 12 AC, and 14 in all saves. Calling up a spirit takes a full round. A spirit under a Summoner’s control will obey all of their verbal instructions to the letter.

Greater wounds attract and snare more powerful spirits—for every additional d4 HP the Summoner sacrifices during the summoning, they can do one of the following:
  • increase the spirit’s HP by d6
  • increase the spirit’s AB by 1
  • increase the spirit’s AC by 1
  • reduce the spirit’s saves by 1
Summoners can call up as many spirits as they like, and spirits last until dismissed or destroyed, but Summoners cannot recover any sacrificed HP if they have any spirits under their control.

In their travels, Summoners can discover ways to summon spirits with strange talents.

Exactly the same as Lamentation of the Flame Princess Specialist.

HP as Magic-User, Experience as Fighter, Saves as Cleric

Witches cast spells. They can do so as often as they wish. A spell can affect anything within 200 feet of the caster. A spell can do the following:
  • Replicate the effect of any simple weapon, tool, or mechanical object, such as a torch, grappling hook, bow and arrow, or ladder.
  • Manipulate an object. The witch uses Charisma in place of Strength and Dexterity.
A Witch can cast simultaneously a number of spells equal to 1 + half level. The maximum number of spells they can have active at one time is also 1 + half level. Otherwise, spells last until dismissed.

As a heads up, the Witch is super experimental, so if you play one, the class abilities may be subject to change.

Starting money =$3d6*(10+Charisma modifier)
$1 = 1 sp
Use the Lamentation of the Flame Princess equipment list for everything but weapons and armor. You start out with 1 weapons and 1 piece of armor at no cost.

I don’t care what your weapons are, as long as they aren’t aggressively stupid and they match the category you say they’re in. Dual-wielding fork warrior? Sure. Debutante assassin that stabs her victims with really long hair pins? Go right ahead. If you think a weapon should have a special characteristic (like reach for a spear or entanglement for a whip) let me know and we can talk about it.

Melee Damage
Ranged Damage
Range in Feet
Easy to hide

two handed
two handed, takes up inventory slot even when wielded

Movement Speed
12+ Dex mod
1 row
14 + Dex Mod
2 rows
16 + Dex Mod
3 rows
18 + Dex Mod
Very Slow


  1. The languages are cool, does that mean if you wanto to speak to a devil you can yank a schitzo from a nearby asylum and use them as a translator?

    That thieves speak the same language as the Lord of the Blue Hour is nice.

    1. The only asylum in the Archipelago is Our Lady of Danger Hospital, located on the distant and desolate Isle of Teeth. If you don't mind making the trip, you can meet all the madmen you want.