Monday, April 29, 2013


I like magic items that go away when used. It makes them more valuable and interesting to the players, and I don’t have to worry too much about accidently turning the party into a bunch of superheroes.

Wrathful Countenance
A lacquered wooden mask bearing an expression of ineffable rage. Whoever wears it grows to a prodigious size and gains:
  • 1d10 temporary hitpoints. These are tracked separately than normal HP, and damage depletes them first.
  • +2 to attack rolls
  • A strength score of 18
  • A Charisma score of 3
The mask cannot be removed until all of the temporary HP are depleted, at which point all other bonuses and penalties vanish and the mask cracks in two, falling to the ground.

Gurning Poppet
A small straw doll with a terrible grin stitched into its face. If a body part of an intended victim—a hank of hair, a nail clipping, a drop of blood— is pressed into the doll, and the doll is set alight, the victim will burst into flames and takes 3d6 damage.

Flower Slave
An large and delicate blue blossom with petals folded into the shape of a face. Once crushed, it releases a fragile but swift warrior, which will obey whoever destroyed the flower. It has the following statistics:
Armor Class: 18
HD: 1 (1 HP)
Move: 120’
Alignment: Chaotic
Saves: 13 in each
Weapon: Deals d4 damage. Roll 1d4 for details: (1-rose whip, entangles on hit; 2-venom spear, target must make Poison Save or take -2 to hit for a turn; 3-willow switch, enrages enemies with low intelligence; 4-filigreed bow, range as longbow

Somnolent Bell
When struck, this glass bell produces a stultifying tone, forcing all who can hear it, including the user, to Save vs Paralyze or fall asleep for d10 minutes. This shatters the bell.

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