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I never liked druids because they always seemed like medieval ecologists. This is silly because I am pretty sure that if I lived in medieval Europe I would think more about nature red in tooth and claw than nature as a place where you have talking animals and babbling brooks and wind in the trees. If I were a medieval peasant and I heard an animal talk to me I would get an exorcist.

I want a druid more in line with the creepy ones Julius Caesar talks about, what with the blood and guts and weird rites in the wilderness. Burning wicker men in the dark.

Druids are not magical hippies. They do not care about nature. They do not like animals. Druids do not study in wizard school. They do not meditate in temples. They do not memorize spells or petition deities for miracles. Druids track down the numinous and kick the shit out of it until it does what they want.
From Etrian Odyssey

HP as Fighter, Saves and XP progression as Cleric  

Druids summon and bind spirits. Doing so requires sacrifice—they must wound themselves for d4 damage to call forth a spirit with 1 HP, +0 Attack Bonus (AB), 12 AC, and 14 in all saves. Calling up a spirit takes a full round. A spirit under a Druid’s control will obey all of their verbal instructions to the letter.

Greater wounds attract and snare more powerful spirits—for every additional d4 HP the Druid sacrifices during the summoning, they can do one of the following:
·         increase the spirit’s HP by d6
·         increase the spirit’s AB by 1
·         increase the spirit’s AC by 1
·         reduce the spirit’s saves by 1
Druids can summon as many spirits as they like, and spirits last until dismissed or destroyed, but Druids cannot recover any sacrificed HP if they have any spirits under their control.

At level 1, Druids can pick one of the following:
Flame Spirit: you know the Old Word for fire, and can entrap spirits of heat and flame. Spirits you summon shed light like a torch, and can ignite flammable objects at will.

Grave Spirit: you have a talent for snatching souls from the afterlife. Spirits you summon can reanimate bodies and skeletons, giving them +1 HP for every HD the creature had in life.

Sight Spirit: you can see through the eyes of spirits you summon at will

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